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Louisiana Gov. Jindal Makes Request for Campaign $ On Tax Day

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Right in time for Tax Day 2011, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s campaign has sent out an email asking for campaign contributions.  In addition, Jindal made a specific reference to his last gubernatorial campaign in which John Georges and Walter Boasso financed their campaigns against him from their personal assets.

In the campaign request, Jindal states that he will not raise taxes.

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It has been reported that Jindal has approximately 10 million dollars in his campaign chest. Currently, he does not have competition with the election being less than one year away. 

Here is the press release.

Dear Friends - 

Louisiana has proven itself America's comeback kid over the past few years, weathering multiple devastating hurricanes, an economic crisis that the country is still reeling from, and the worst oil spill on record. 

We've had our share of successes—cutting taxes, tough new ethics standards, and having the brightest outlook for business opportunities in 2011—but more work must still be done.

We're protecting our priorities this year and fighting to reign in government spending by simultaneously reducing waste, maximizing efficiency, and restructuring government.  We absolutely will not balance our budget by hiking taxes on Louisiana families and small businesses.

Will you join with me today to ensure that Louisiana is the best place in the world to raise a family or start a career with a generous contribution of $1,000, $500, $100, $50 or even just $10?

We've had a great start toward realizing Louisiana's potential, but these upcoming months will test us in new and challenging ways.  These challenges are the reason I am committed to running for re-election; they are an opportunity to fix what was previously thought of as unfixable.  My commitment to Louisiana is to seek innovative solutions that will build a better Louisiana for our children.

We must work together to continue our progress and protect our future.  We must reaffirm our commitment, as Louisianians, to fiscal responsibility and the rejection of tax hikes that stifle our liberty and threaten economic growth. We must, and we will, guarantee that state government works for the people, and we must stand up to our federal government's attempts to encroach on our rights and livelihoods.

Please make your online donation of $500, $100, $50, or even just $10 today so we can continue the fight for principled conservative reform.

It is critical we fight for our future, and that fight depends on you.

Bayoubuzz Staff

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