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Two New Orleans Saints's Bounty faces, Teflon Brees and rugged Favre

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Two faces of Saints bounty gate, who might not play lead roles but who are linked nonetheless get unneeded attention again as the NFL claim 

brees-panthersThe filmmaker who threw a bomb into the bountygate sordid ordeal weeks ago has launched another one, this one against the Saints gets murker as each day goes by.  This blast, recently, was gainst the “teflon” man (as he called it), quarterback Drew Brees.

Filmmaker, Sean Pamphilon, who released an audio clip of a film he took in the lockerroom before the San Francisco 49’ers game told a radio station:


“"Drew Brees knew that this stuff existed and he's continually said that there's no evidence that the bounty existed. Then why is he on the phone with me two hours before I released the audio, and he's saying to me 'I wanna see your essay before this hits the wire'? He was part of it, but he pretends like he's not. And it's amazing to me that this sacred cow is allowed to walk around and acting as if he's not even involved, saying that there's no evidence. He's referencing weapons of mass destruction. Well, if there's nothing to hide and there's no evidence, then Drew, why are you calling me two hours before it's released, trying to quote-unquote shape it?"

Brett Favre, who has breen named the target of Saints’ bounties, is the other face.  He said in an interview with Deion Sanders of NFL Network Friday “I really don’t care” about the Saints' alleged hit against him.  One writer is suggesting that Farve really does care about the Bounty target on him but he just isn’t revealing that it smarts.

With the signing deadline for signing Brees only three weeks away, Bounty is not on the minds of the Saints fans who are becoming restless.

"With all the crap that's happening here, they should just sign Brees and get the drama over," Edmond Belizaire, a New Orleans taxi driver, told Jason Bell of USA Today. "Jonathan Vilma won't be here this year. Will Smith will be gone for a couple of games. But with Drew Brees, you've still got a shot at getting to the Super Bowl."

Bell explains that, while New Orleans fans are typically inclined to side with management, Brees gets the benefit of the doubt on this one.

"Brees could be mayor of New Orleans," said Belizare.

Brees continues to avoid blame or scrutiny for his reluctance to accept a one-year offer that would pay him more than $1 million a game.

So, with the Bountygate turmoil still ongoing and Drew Brees holding out, anything positive about players during the break before training camp is happy time,'s Daniel Hutchinson has written a piece evaluating and grading the Saints' 2012 draft.

But the Saints have had success in finding undrafted players, guys that went unnoticed, that can perform at a high level on the field. The Saints finished last season with 18 undrafted players on the 53-man roster. Five of those 18 were starters,

One player who has impressed the coaching staff in OTASs and minicamp is Chris Givens, a WR. More on him later.

Here's how the Footballnation evaluates the Saints' draft with the round picked, the selection on that round, and the over-all pick and the grade:

3.26.89: Adem Hicks: B IN 2011, Hicks recorded 42 tackles and eight tackles for losses while playing or a community college in Canada. He has many positives as he is quick off the snap of the ball. He is able to separate himself from offensive linemen, and he is a physical tackler.

The biggest concern for Hicks will be his ability to play against talent from football factories because is from a small school.

4.27.122 nick Toon: B After losing WR Robert Meachem to the Chargers where he will be their No. 1 WR, the Saints drafted Toon from Wisconsin. He had great 2009 and 2011 seasons. However, his 2008 and 2010 seasons were less than spectacular. In 2009 and 2011, Toon recorded a combined 118 receptions, 1,731 receiving yards and 14 TDs, while in 2008 and 2010 he recorded only 53 catches, 716 yards and 4 TDs. He is a good athlete and needs to be a consistent target for Drew Brees,

5.27.162: Corey White: C White did well in the NFL Scouting Combine, being a top performer at his position in the 40-yard dash, the vertical jump and the broad jump.

Coming out of a small school Samford (in Birmingham), he will have to prove that that he has the ability to transition and play in the NFL.

6.9, 179 Andrew Tiller C To be effective in the NFl he must continue to develop his skills, including having quicker movement after the snap.

7,27.234 Marcel Jones: C Had productive career and was a good blocker in the running game.Was injur-prone in college so that will be something to watch while he's at the next level.

Final Grade: He gave the Saints a C- as their over-all grade because while targely addressed some of the team needs, they risks drafting players from smaller schools. They could have drafted players from bigger schools, especially in the offensive line,

The writer overlooked the Saints from smaller schools: Jeron Bushrod, Towson; Jahri Evans, Bloomsburg; Chris Ivory, Tiffin; Marques Colston, Hofstra; Junior Galette, Stillman; and Lance Moore, Toledo.

I'm giving this draft evaluation a C-.

The Saints bounty scandal story won't go away so let's get some opinions on this "soap opera."

Peter King,, columnist: "There's little evidence of a bounty system despite evidence of a pay-for-performance system with the Saints. Commissioner Roger Goodell will have difficulty proving there was pay-for-injure system in New Orleans."

Scott Fujita, Browns linebacker and former Saint, who greeted Goodell at the appeals hearing like this in Pro Football Talk: "What the hell are you doing, Roger? It's unfortunate that a lot of players have been dragged into it when the reality is it's just a kind of loose, joking around, performance-type system of motivation coupled with some really, really inappropriate language that I’m sensitive to, but again, it is just language."

Fujita wants the NFL to explain what the program was, and to clarify what is wasn't.

Ashley, columnist: "Maybe the league has more specifically on the players that it has released. It must, given the impact on those players' careers and reputations. But what the players were shown during the appeals hearing wasn't all that convincing. There wasn't a so-called smoking gun. There was some evidence, taken from the Saints' own computer system, that money was pledged for so-called bounties. But from what was released, there wasn't overwhelming damning evidence against the players."

Mike Florio, columnist and editor, Pro Football Talk: "The bad news is that it's too late to put the bounty toothpaste back in the tube. The Saints were painted as a marauding gang of Gilloolys in March; calling it what it really was in June will do nothing to change the perception that has cemented into the public collective consciousness."

Gabe Feldman, Tulane sports law professor in The Times-Picayune: "It appears that the players will challenge the suspensions in a lawsuit in federal court, most likely in the Eastern District of Louisiana, claiming that the commissioner exceeded the scope of his authority under the CBA and that the league failed to follow its own procedures to punish the players.

"The crux of the argument will likely be that the commissioner failed to provide any evidence proving that the players engaged in a pay-to-injure scheme and therefore that the suspensions were arbitrary and capricious."

Stay tuned to this soap opera.

SOME hither, others yon: Austin Nola, Kevin Gausman, Nick Goody are history for the LSU baseball team and the left side of the Tigers' infield will graduate. Tyler Hanover and Nola handled third base and shortstop for the past four years, but that was an area that failed the Tigers in the Super Regional. The Tigers collected 15 hits over the three-game, rain-soaked Super Regional. So did Stony Brooks' Travis Janowski and William Carona. It was difficult for the Tigers to create instant offense and the lack of speed forced the Tigers to rely on stringing hits together. The Tigers allowed 66 doubler plays this season while getting only 36. The 2012 season ended with a thud, but only four key guys are gone. and it's not hard to imagine the Tigers making another run at the College World Series in 2013...

Like the Saints, the Jaguars won't give their star, RB Maurice Drew Jones a longterm contract. We can assume they are saving their money to buy more tarps to cover up the empty seats...Conan O'Brien, after doing a week's worth of shows in Chicago: "I are well, I drank a lot, I did everything you can do there. On Friday afternoon, I beat the Cubs 11-2."...National radio host Jim Rome asked NBA commissioner David Stern if the NBA lottery is fixed? Stern got huffy and asked Rome, "Do you still beat your wife"...

First Barry Bonds essentially gets off, then Lance Armstrong has charges against him dropped and now Roger Clemens gets a full acquittal after the government spent millions of dollars trying to nail for performance-enhancing drugs. Maybe we can get the government attorneys to represent the NFL in the players' lawsuits against Goodell.. "I was in a theatrical performance about puns. I was a play on words."
(Contact Ed Staton at [email protected]):...

"Brees is the glue," said Nathan Washington, a bellman at a local hotel. "He deserves whatever he's asking for. How can you not give it to him? If that's a problem for the Saints, I'll start up a fund and take to the streets. If you're talking about Brees, this community would chip in and pay for it."

Actually, some fans have tried to do that. From May 29 through June 4, they raised $2,455.36. The absence of an updated total in 18 days makes Bell wonder whether they've dropped the effort -- or whether they absconded to Mexico to retire... as long as they plan to live just for another month.

The Saints fans will get Brees soon. The only question is whether Brees' absence for the entire offseason program will keep the team from getting off to the kind of fast start that ensures the road to the Super Bowl will go through the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

From: Macione, Justin <[email protected]>;
Date: Friday, June 22, 2012, 4:45 PM
Greg Romeus and signed LB Donavan Robinson.

Romeus was the one of the club’s two seventh round draft picks in 2011. After missing his rookie season while rehabbing from a right knee injury suffered as a college senior at Pittsburgh, he suffered a torn left ACL and MCL in the this offseason’s OTA’s, which required surgery.

Robinson, a 6-3, 250-pound linebacker, entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent out of Jackson State, signing with the New York Jets in May, with whom he spent the offseason.

Prior to entering the NFL, he started 31 games at Jackson State, finishing his college career with 181 tackles and 30 sacks. As a senior in 2011, he was a Football Championship Subdivision honorable mention All-American and second team all-SWAC selection after recording 58 tackles (34 solo), 23.5 tackles for a loss, 16 sacks, four pass defenses and one fumble recovery.

In 2010 the Milwaukee native was named to the All-SWAC second team after leading the conference with 18.5 tackles for a loss and ranking second with eight sacks.

The Hornets will match any offer on Eric Gordon. The Hornets cleaned out burdensome contracts in Trevor Ariza and Emeka Okator following the trade with the Wizards, and the Hornets have plenty of cap flexibility to retain Gordon. The Hornets want to keep Gordon even if means extending him a maximum money contract of five years worth $80 million. Looks like Gordon will be staying...

The odds on the Hornets will the NBA championship next season are 250-1. The Thunder is favored to win it all at 4-1 with the Heat 5-1. Anthony Davis will serve as a pillar of hope for the Hornets and a source of appeal. If Gordon stays, the Hornets have a real chance of being formidable, but it takes more than two players to win a title, especially when those two are unproven...LaBron James led the Hornets to the NBA championship and the monkey is of his back after multiple all-time great performances over the last two playoff series...

by Ed Staton and Bayoubuzz Staff

Ed Staton

Ed Staton is a former sports writer for the Times Picayune and New Orleans States Item.  He also served as the New Orleans Saints Information Director.  He has won 43 media awards in writing, design and photography. | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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