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Romney vs. Obama, Republicans vs. Democrats: Dawning of a new America?

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dawnGood morning America..



Election Day.  It's the day for which we have been awaiting. It's been fun, full of spirited debates over the future of our nation, whether the winners will be Romney or Obama, Republicans or Democrats. 

So, allow me to offer my thoughts, hopes and wishesfor this Election Day and yes, beyond...

I ask  we cast our votes based upon what we think and not solely upon how we feel.  Passion is needed for success but often the heat of our convictions obscures our abilities to reason. 

It has been election season or perhaps what we now call in this country, the every four-year civil war.

Looking back to our political heartfelt conversations over the months, I ask--just once, why can’t the two opposing political sides at some time or another admit their own shortcomings, mistakes, misrepresentations and even lies coming from their candidates, respective campaigns and their followers.    

The political spinning has whirled out of control.   Our whining, hatred, and defensiveness is counter-productive and even dangerous.  Our talking heads no longer answer direct questions to help us reach the truths.  Instead, they merely follow the scripts handed down to them from the heads above-- nothing more.  

Sometimes I wonder—what if our kids acted in the way we have been behaving during this election season?  You know as I do, they would be spending much of their lives in timeout.  Yet, when we engage in these unruly and hostile acts, it's acceptable.  After all, it's politics.

Perhaps it’s never the time to do a Rodney King and ask whether we can just all get along.   Right now, even the thought of such a request would be laughed off as lunacy.  Our country is fractured, splintered and divided.  We often ridicule the ways that other people of other nations sitting upon other continents cannot agree upon the time of day.  Yet, we are proving that in the manner we select our leaders and how we fail to govern, the joke just might be on us and time is running short.   

Possibly, once all of the voting smoke clears, we will be able to respect others’ deeply held beliefs whether we accept them to be legitimate or approve them for ourselves.  Otherwise, there is no way that this country can go up the road of  greatness if we continue to hatefully scream at one another from each side of our streets. 

It would be a virtual miracle if those who do prevail today will put humanity over acrimony, insight over hindsight and reflection over fanaticism.

After Election Day, today, winners will emerge that will elate roughly half of this battered country.  If they don’t commit and actually cross the aisles with their hands out and with their minds open, in the long run, and in reality, collectively, we all will be the losers.

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