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Heated Trump vs. Obama Debate Continues On Twitter

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On television, on radio at the water cooler, the Obama vs. Trump continued.

So it goes on the Internet and Twitter.

At 8:50 CST, Bayoubuzz went to a twitter search engine to see what the gang is talking about almost twelve hours after the surreal exchange today where Obama released his long-form birth certificate and when Donald Trump said how proud he was regarding his own actions claiming to have forced Obama to release the controversial document.

The words Trump and Obama were inserted in the search window and these are the comments that came up. 

No tweets have been deleted and the comments have not been modified. Nor can Bayoubuzz claim in any respect that the results would be any different or even the same at any other time or in any other search engine.

From the comments below, it appears that the “Trumpers” are out in full view to take on the “Birthers”.


I'm happy that the White House made Donald Trump, look like a chump! #obama

only1nabil  20:50web

Did Donald Trump get his degree from one of those places on matchbook covers? #p21#maddow

francie57  20:50TweetDeck

RT @Adenovir: “@GStephanopoulos: Since President Obama released his birth certificate, will Donald Trump release his tax returns?

phillygirl1441  20:50Twitter for iPhone

RT @OneChele: My friend & her new husband just canceled reservations at Trump Las Vegas. Agent asked why, she said, "Your owner is an idiot" #LoveIt

LibertyBelle4  20:50TweetDeck

Donald Trump, Imma smack the ? out of you when I see you. I put that on my mama *in my gotti voice* Ha! ?

menace2society0  20:50TweetDeck

@lawrenceYour handling of Trump and Orly give us a glimmer of what TV news COULD be - if execs didn't play footsie with lunatics for profit

actongriscom  20:50web

RT @GStephanopoulos: Since President Obama released his birth certificate, will Donald Trump release his tax returns?

AishaQureshi  20:50web

RT @Dave_Chappelle: Dear Donald Trump, "I'll show my real birth certificate when you show me your scalp." Sincerely, Our President POTUS Barack Obama

browneyez9802  20:50web

RT @niubi: Hard to argue the importance of democracy to Chinese when it produces and elevates people like Donald trump and Sarah palin

Pflerg  20:50Twitter for iPhone

I wish ppl leave our president alone..he made Donald Trump lool like an ass he has nothing to prove. #moveamericafoward

Janetta_216  20:50web

RT @McBlondeLand: Dear @NBC@ABC@CBS@CNN@FOX: I expect you to call out Trump for what he is....Donald Trump is a RACIST.

stefsstuff  20:50web



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