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SMOR Poll: Louisiana Conflicted Over Jindal, State Officials

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Southern Media and Opinion Research has released a new spring poll that shows Gov. Bobby Jindal has continued to hold on to his 55% approval rating. His disapproval is inching up and now stands at 44%.

However, there are warning signs that persist:

By comparison, Mike Foster, the state’s last Republican governor before Jindal, was in a much stronger position heading into reelection. In June 1999, Foster enjoyed a positive job-performance rating of 77 percent and a negative rating of 18 percent. At similar points in their gubernatorial tenures, Foster topped Jindal’s popularity by 22 percent

Jindal’s campaign has been running television ads across the state. According to the survey results, however, the ads did not improve his popularity reelection outlook. Respondents who said they are definitely voting to reelect Jindal fell from 39 percent to 36 percent.

So the ads were a flop and a waste. Just like Jindal's entire reign as Governor...

Some other interesting results:

When asked about the cause of Louisiana’s budget crisis, just over 60 percent said it was too much spending. While respondents overwhelmingly opposed raising state income, sales and business taxes, 66 percent favored raising taxes on cigarettes.

Another large majority for raising the tax on smokers. Of course, Bobby will ignore the people's will and concentrate solely on his political image among wing-nuts.

The poll also shows an interesting confluence of good feelings. Lt. Gov. Dardenne, State Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain, Attorney General Buddy Caldwell, and State Treasurer John Kennedy all register very high approval ratings. It seems Louisiana is pleased with its choices:

Treasurer John Kennedy remains popular with a positive job rating of 64 percent and a very low “poor” job rating of 6 percent.

Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne had the biggest increase in popularity from 2010. The most recent survey shows his positive job rating is 63 percent, with a negative rating of 18 percent.

Attorney General Buddy Caldwell’s popularity appears unaffected by his recent switch to the Republican Party. His positive job rating among respondents was 60 percent – unchanged from November when Caldwell was a Democrat.

Commissioner of Agriculture Mike Strain appears in strong position for reelection this fall. He received a positive job rating from 60 percent of respondents, while 12 percent gave him a negative rating.

Commissioner of Insurance Jim Donelon had positive job ratings from 49 percent of respondents. 20 percent of respondents said they didn’t know enough about him to rate his performance.

So incumbents are sitting pretty. Oops, except one:

Tom Schedler was elected secretary of state after his former boss, Jay Dardenne, moved on to lieutenant governor. Schedler, however, appears to be an unknown commodity among Louisiana voters. Forty-four percent of survey respondents didn’t know enough about Schedler to rate his job performance. 

And for all of you consultants out there, here's your attack ad:

Pay-raise vote could be key in legislative reelection bids

Eighty-six percent of respondents said they were less likely to vote for state legislators who supported giving themselves a pay raise.

Just to help it along, we've included a select list of Louisiana senators that voted for the pay raise:

  • Senator Robert Adley (R - Benton)
  • Senator A.G. Crowe (R - Pearl River)
  • Senator Bob Kostelka (R - Monroe)
  • Senator Danny Martiny (R- Metairie)
  • Senator Mike Michot (R - Lafayette)

Moving on, it seems that Lane Grigsby and the rest of his Republican Cabal can't poll their way around Bobby Jindal. He continues to show too much strength among voters and campaign donations. And while John Kennedy (which we can assume would be their favored candidate) is extremely popular, it's unlikely he'd give up his plum State Treasurer's seat to try to take Bobby down.

by Lamar Parmentel of Daily Kingfish

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