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Secession from Union Poll: Want your state to secede?

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country-secedeThe elections are over.  President Obama has been re-elected.  Republicans control the House of Representatives.  Democrats control the U.S. Senate. 
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Suddenly, some of the same winds that blew in the birther movement, the Tea Party are now signing a petition in their respective states requesting their state to secede from the Union of the United States.

Ironically, the phenomenon has occurred right before the release of the movie Lincoln.  Perhaps never since the civil war has America been such a Country Divided.  

Some advocates of this effort claim the United States cannot change that the demography from recent elections show resistance to necessary fiscal and social change.  They generally support the proposition that the only way to maintain honor and stability for the state is to break off shackles from the federal government which is charging the country's future on its credit card and which is changing the fabric of the nation and the family through abortions, illegal immigration, gay marriages and other liberal policies destroying America and the states.  Secession is the only answer.

Some opponents of the secession petition claim those who favor signing the petition are sore losers at best and seditions, at worse.  They believe the people spoke, for better or for worse, and the only way to change the country is not to engage in "cry baby" tactics but to work within the system to change it, no matter the frustrations and anger.

The efforts to secede have been filed mainly by the Southern states but also states such as New York, Texas and Colorado.  Roughly 21 states have citizens who favor the secession and who have signed a petition.

Louisiana is one of the states that has started a petition. Supporters of secession or of signing the petition state they have over 25,000 signatures, enough to require a White House response. 

To see the petitions, click herehttps://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petitions 


margaret-hoover2Margaret Hoover talks elections, GOP, Romney, Obama, Boehner, secession threats








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