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You Kidding me? Mora doesn’t believe New Orleans Saints will make playoffs

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mora2Jim Mora is revered in New Orleans as the head coach who brought the Saints into the realm of respectability, but mentioning his name outside of black-and-gold boundaries elicits a very different response.



The video of Mora, responding to a question on whether his 2001 Colts could make the playoffs has ascended into the lexicon of greatest sports quotes: "Playoffs? Playoffs? Are you kiddin' me? Playoffs? I just hope we can win a game!"

     It was November 25, 2001, and Mora's Colts had just committed five turnovers in a dismal loss to San Francisco, dropping them to 4-6. The Saints are in similar position today with a 4-5 record, although the playoffs suddenly have reappeared as a possibility after they won four of their last five. But what does the expert at playoff prognostication say about it? I called him Tuesday morning and got this immediate response: "Playoffs? Are you kiddin' me?” It was followed by the easy chuckle of a man comfortable that he no longer has to worry about such threats to happiness as fumbles, interceptions or a "diddly-poo" performance. 

     Now a respected commentator on the state of the NFL, Mora sipped his latte as he repeated the same thing he has told his television audience. The Saints dug a deep hole, losing their first four games, and it will be tough to dig out. "Now, understand, when people ask me who my favorite team is, I always say the Saints," Mora said from his home in Palm Desert, California. "But I don't believe they will make the playoffs." Mora cited a difficult schedule ahead, which includes road games against the New York Giants, Dallas and the revenge-bent Atlanta Falcons. In addition, they play the 49ers, now 6-2-1, and the improving 5-4 Bucs at home. With other games at Oakland and home against Carolina, Mora can’t find five wins in those seven games.

     "We went 8-8 and made the playoffs in 1990, but it depends on the other teams,"  Mora said. “The Saints won't catch Atlanta and will have to go in as a wild card. It will be difficult enough for them to go 9-7, and that might not be enough to get them in."

     For another look at Mora's famous "playoffs?" rant, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qwq7BYOnDrM

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