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Jarvis Green On Good Foundation Even If NFL Isn’t

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Former Patriots defensive end Jarvis Green didn't play at all in 2010 even though he was paid $3.255 by the Broncos for not playing.

The former LSU standout, who played on two national championship teams, realizes what happens in the labor dispute may not affect him in any way. He enters this season as a free agent and was signed by the Texans last season when defensive end Mario Williams went to injured reserve.

Green told Ian R. Raport of the Boston Herald that whether the lockout is fair or not, the American public is going to view it as dispute between greedy millionaires and billionaires, and both sides are overlooking the possibility that they're turning off the league's paying customers.

"We're forgetting about the fans," said Green. "Everybody wants to watch football in 2011."

Green said that what's needed is both sides coming together, and said that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell needs to give the players concrete information they can work with.

As for Green, who lives in Baton Rouge, he isn't sure whether he's done in the NFL, but he's well prepared for life afterward. He has a degree in construction engineering from LSU.

"I'm still thinking about hanging it up" said Green, 32, who played in two Super Bowls with the Patriots. "I am staying in shape, "I am staying in shape, but right now I've been very busy. I bought into a construction company about a year ago in Baton Rouge, and maybe the best decision for me right now is do construction. It's really valuable, it's a great company. But then again, playing a few more years would be great."

Green was drafted in the Fourth round by the Patriots in the 2002 NFL Draft and was a part-time starter through the 2009 season, when he was released.

He signed a four-year, $20 million contract with the Broncos in March, 2010 and was released in September, 2010, which was an expensive move for Denver and didn't reflect well on then coach Josh McDaniels' future as head coach. Green earned $3.225 million from the Broncos despite doing nothing for them since his  $2.5 million signing bonus and $775,000 salary were guaranteed.

Green is married and  the father of three children. He lost family members and friends in the Katrina disaster and decided to put together a foundation for single mothers.

"I grew up in a family with both of my parents, but I realized if I'm helping a single mom, I'm helping their kids also.  We have a great government system, but for single moms busting their tails, it's either like they make too much or not enough.

"The foundation helps moms at a time when they're doing something; we've helped 250 moms to date. And for me, it's personal.  We have a relationship with these mothers, we talk to them, and keep in touch.  We help single moms with their car payments, house payments, tuition for moms going to college, kids, clothing, holiday food and utilities.. We want to add 30, 40 or 50 moms each year to help."

The Jarvis Green Foundation will hold its first Southern Louisiana Wine Tasting & Gala on Friday, May 27, in Baton Rouge.

"This is a black tie event, but I say it's a black, purple and blue tie event," said Green. "We have our colleges in Baton Rouge and you can wear any of that. Business causal dress is fine. There's going to be a cash bar, a great mix of Southern food, a live band called The Rat Pack, featuring Liza Minnelli; the Sammy Davis guy is coming from Vegas, like the Liza Minnelli singer is. If you close your eyes, you''ll think you're listening to the actual The Rat Pack and Liza Minnelli.

"Former LSU players and NFL guys that played at LSU and other surrounding schools will be there, and we'll have a dancer and comedian."

"It's going to be beautiful. And, also, on May 26, there will be a Bayou Comedy Bash in Baton Rouge that will also support the foundation."

Green said  he went to the Saints-Colts Super Bowl and it was the first Super Bowl  he had seen without playing in it.

"I have to say during the course of the week I had to stay neutral," said Green, "I can't wear black and gold because I have ties with the job. But I was crying when the Saints won that game. That entire season touched me emotionally.

"It was an amazing experience to watch the  city of New Orleans, my town also, my state, go out there and do whatever they did because it came at a perfect time for the city, what they went through with Katrina, was just a mess.

"The city really needed it, the state really needed it, the individuals who were longtime Saints fans needed it. So for me, it touched me, it was a part of me. To this day, I shout, 'Who Dat! Who Dat! but I have to stay  quiet when I'm playing for another team.

"When I'm done playing ball, I'm going to have my season tickets."

by Ed Staton

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