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Interview With Pinsonat: Louisiana Voters Blasé Over Jindal, Legislature

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Bernie Pinsonat Two weeks ago, Southern Media Opinion Research (SMOR) released its new poll which focused upon the mood of Louisiana voters as the legislature is in session, and as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and state elected officials face a new election this fall.

Bayoubuzz recently interviewed Bernie Pinsonat of SMOR regarding his findings in the poll and the implications of the results in looking towards the future.

In Part I of the interview, Pinsonat said the poll is done twice per year, in the fall and in the spring.  At those times, SMOR attempts to take the voters’ room temperature.

In general, the poll reflects that people do not see their problems being solved.

They feel that neither Governor Jindal nor the legislature have received high marks for their performances and in fact, the public is blasé about those elected officials because the voters feel that neither have lived up to their promises and what is left is the “same ol, same ol”.

Pinsonat finds that Jindal is popular with his base who think he is doing a good job but that is 25% and others are more critical or very critical of his performance.

Pinsonat said that Jindal’s job performance rating is 55% which is what the governor polled last year when the voters felt that Jindal was travelling too much.

However, Pinsonat felt that the Governor has recently spent an “enormous amount” of money on his campaign with statewide television ads (and still has a substantial amount of money left in his campaign), but despite Jindal’s focus upon the state’s problems and the ad buy, Jindal’s approval rating remains the same as the fall of 2010.

Pinsonat said one can look at the poll in two ways—Governor Jindal did not fall any but he did not go down.  With 55% feeling that Governor Jindal is doing a good job but with 45% of those polled claiming that Jindal has not done a good job, the state is “fairly polarized on him”

Pinsonat said the people felt after the recent special session on reapportionment, the legislature were trying to take care of themselves rather than the voters and 60 percent have said the legislature is nothing special and more people feeling they are worse than better.

In contrast, the pollster said that the voters felt there were a lot of promises and people thought this legislature would be the turning point.
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