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A More Quiet New Orleans Saints Reggie Bush?

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Ed StatonReggie Bush has reversed his course on wanting to leave New Orleans and on Saturday he said that he wants first and foremost be a Saint and retire in New Orleans."

Bush has been in the news lately for his reaction to the drafting of Mark Ingram and how Bush has enjoyed the lockout. Now, he feels that he may have said to much.

Speaking to the media at his annual youth football camp at Tulane, Bush said "Sometimes you write (tweet) or say things that you wish you shouldn't have said.

"I don't know how much Ingram has to do with my decision to stay in New Orleans because we haven't come to the table yet, we haven't sat down yet to renegotiate my contract."

"Ingram could be a great player for the Saints. Things can be shared in the backfield. If anybody knows about sharing it's me. I've been doing that my whole career (he shared time at USC),"

Bush has yet to show up for the workouts Drew Brees has organized at Tulane, but said he'll join the other 40 players "sparingly."

Bush, of course, has a contract that that calls for him to earn $11.8 million this season and he's going to have to agree to a significant restructuring in order to remain a Saint. Coach Sean Payton and Brees are adamant there is a plan for Bush this season.

"Everybody has a different mentality and is taking on the lockout differently," said the third-down back. "Some guys have to think, who aren't under contract at all, about how smart it is for them to show up and be working out, kind of putting their bodies at risk and not being covered by insurance."

One NFL general manager is questioning whether player-organized workouts are safe. "What if a player gets an ACL in the workouts" asked the GM. "If somebody gets hurt, they would be stupid and this whole work-stoppage things will look even worse. I think players would be better off Reggie Bushing-ing their way through the lockout."

Bush said his agents and the Saints will have to find a "happy medium" when it comes to a pay cut. He knows he's not going to make the kind of money the Saints will pay him anywhere else this season.

"We'll do the best we can to come to a happy meeting point and hopefully I'll be able to play for the Saints for the six, seven, eight, ten more years,"  said Bush.

The odds are much better now than 50-50 Bush will remain a Saint. 

Bush is working out hard in Los Angeles in a gym owned by former Saints tight end Billy Miller.

Former LSU and Giants running back Charles Scott has been hospitalized after being involved in an auto accident. The accident took place on River Road and his injuries are not career-threatening. Scott was a passenger in the auto. He is the second former LSU player involved in an auto accident in Louisiana the past year. Safety Chad Jones required extensive surgery to save his leg after he struck a telephone pole in an accident in New Orleans. Scott is on the Giants' roaster as a reserve/future player, the same as former Tigers quarterback Ryan Perrilloux.


What are Saints worth on the trading market? Wide receiver Devery Henderson would be worth a sixth- or seventh-round draft choice, same as tackle Jon Stinchcomb. Cornerback Patrick Robinson, last year's No. 1 draft choice, would bring in a third-round pick...

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