Tuesday, 22 June 2010 17:50

New Orleans Fed. Judge Stops Obama's Deep Sea Drilling Moratorium

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A federal judge in New Orleans has stopped the oil moratorium imposed by the Obama administration. President Obama placed the deep sea drilling moratorium for safety measures weeks after the BP oil spill event. U.S. District Court Judge Feldman in New Orleans heard the case on Monday. President Obama had imposed the six-month moratorium for safety reasons which policy was strongly opposed by business organizations, the media, Louisiana politicians and much of the general Louisiana populace. The Obama administration halted the approval of new permits. It also suspended the 33 exploratory wells in the Gulf of Mexico. Feldman accepted the argument proposed by many throughout Louisiana that the federal government cannot assume that if one oil rig failed, other rigs would be an imminent danger. Those in favor of the moratorium have argued that the suspension is needed since the oil industry does not have a satisfactory plan for oil containment or protection against failure.
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