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Congressman Jeff Landry's Snub Of Obama Took Guts

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Jeff LandryJeff Landry is a congressman with guts. As we noted over at the mother ship, President Obama invited him and  other Republican lawmakers to the White House for a not-so-friendly sit-down chat.  But what, exactly, do a principled conservative and President Obama have to talk about? What kind of common ground can possibly be reached with a President who has saddled the United States with unprecedented levels of debt and another necessary war?




It’s a waste of time, and rather than carry on with the typical charade that takes place in Washington, Landry simply said, “No thanks.”  The press release that Landry put out was classic.  Among other things, the freshman congressman said that “I’m not going to the White House to negotiate with myself.”  And that’s exactly what would have happened.

The reaction to Landry’s move was predictable.  The Independent called his move “ugly politics,” and  pounced when they found that an (allegedly) ‘conservative’ organization had some nasty things to say about Landry snubbing his highness Barack Obama:

The Times-Picayune reported the story Wednesday, quoting Norm Ornstein of the conservative American Enterprise Institute, who pursed his lips at Landry’s posturing: “It is more than a little arrogant,” Ornstein told the Times-Pic. “It belittles the office of the presidency and shows that Landry has little understanding of the political process, the role of the constitutional institutions, much less basic politeness.”

Ah, yes. The good ole AEI. That bunch is a whole other story for another time. But as for Ornstein’s comments suggesting that Obama is worthy of politeness and respect well… I beg to differ.  Moreover, Landry’s move proves that he understands the political process all too well.  Let’s not forget that Landry represents a district where people are heavily employed in the offshore oil industry.  Thanks to Obama’s de-facto moratorium on drilling in the Gulf, there is no love lost between Obama and the congressman’s constituents.  They are among the hardest hit by Obama’s horrendous policies on offshore drilling.  I doubt they care to see their congressman “playing nice” with a guy who is devastating the very industry from which they earn their living.

Congressman Landry is getting some major heat from talking heads on both sides of the isle, which is almost always a sign that a politician is doing something right.

Hang tough, Congressman Landry, and don’t be dissuaded by the empty words of the chattering classes.

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