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Ex-New Orleans Mayor Nagin To Self Publish Book On Amazon

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"Katrina's Secrets I: Storm after the Storm" by former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin will be self-published and released worldwide on


Below is an press release sent on Nagin's behalf:

"Katrina's Secrets I: Storms after the Storm," by C. Ray Nagin will be self-published at the beginning of hurricane season through CreateSpace, a subsidiary of Amazon.

This new brand of memoir will be centered on critical events and decisions made before, during and immediately after the nation's worst-ever natural and man-made disaster, Hurricane Katrina.

The book is the first in a series that will be released worldwide on and other channels in paperbound and e-book formats. "Katrina's Secrets I: Storms after the Storm" (ISBN 146095971X) is a never-before-heard, behind-the-scenes, provocative, revealing and inspirational story.

After leaving public office as the 60th mayor of New Orleans in May 2010, C. Ray Nagin finally gets to tell the world about controversial decisions and statements he made. He writes honestly and sincerely about his mistakes and successes. He also gives readers a unique perspective of the city, its history and perceived institutional issues of race and class that secretly conspired to slow down the recovery.

"'Katrina's Secrets I: Storms after the Storm' takes readers on a front row journey," Nagin says, "revealing secrets that have been glossed over, spun or ignored." Nagin discloses everything from the former president's initial hesitation that led to Kanye West's controversial statement, the governor's possible vendetta, issues of racial profiling, potential plots of social reengineering and federal disaster capitalism. All of this is captured through Nagin's outspoken eyes as the city was written off by many and told not to rebuild but persevered to produce one of the most amazing comebacks of our times.

New Orleans' former mayor offers intimate, unparalleled details about his faith and firm conviction that everyone had the right to return home and rebuild. He prayed constantly and believed God's grace assured that the city would overcome its ultimate challenge to come alive and thrive once again. Today New Orleans is one of the nation's fastest-growing cities with a strong economy, billions in construction underway, a focus on "green" construction and innovative public education.

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