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Democrats Show Impotency On Weiner, Sex Scandals

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Anthony WeinerCongressman Anthony Weiner is a national disgrace. The New York Democrat lied to his wife, his constituents and to the American people. Yesterday, the truth was finally revealed after Weiner could no longer hide from the stream of embarrassing photos flooding the Internet.

This pervert was engaged in online sex talk with strangers, sending pictures of his aroused manhood to women young enough to be his daughter. The 46-year old was online sex partners with women in their early 20’s, such as a Las Vegas blackjack dealer, and a porn star Ginger Lee. Weiner even acknowledged that some of the women could have been underage.

The problem is that Weiner was spending his work day using congressional offices to engage in his online addiction. One of his online companions said that Weiner called her from his office phone. As he was exposing himself to women across the country, his poor constituents were being abused and the American taxpayers were being taken for a ride.

Several weeks ago, Weiner’s wacky world of Internet sex addictions came to a halt when he inadvertently posted a crotch shot on his public Twitter feed. He lied about the episode, claimed his Twitter account was hacked, but eventually had to admit the truth. Eventually, the public learned that Weiner was sending randy crotch pictures to multiple women across the country.

Most decent public servants would resign after such a scandal. Obviously, Weiner does not posses a shred of decency. Incredibly, Weiner maintained that he would not resign, even though he has been totally exposed, both literally and figuratively.

Weiner belongs in treatment, not in Congress. Over the past several years, he has sent out thousands of these messages and photos. He needs professional counseling to help him battle this addiction. It is a sad situation for everyone connected to this selfish, troubled congressman, especially his wife, Huma Abedin, who did not appear with him at the press conference. Many of the inappropriate online dalliances were conducted when Abedin was out of the country, accompanying her boss, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

As a liberal Democrat, Weiner has a fighting chance of surviving this scandal. Several weeks ago, married New York Republican Congressman Chris Lee resigned after sending his shirtless photo to an online female friend. The Republican Party forced Lee to immediately leave Congress after the embarrassment became public.

Compared to Lee, Weiner’s transgressions are much more serious, yet Democratic Party leaders are not asking Weiner to resign. In fact, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi only called for an ethics investigation, even though these charades rarely lead to real penalties and miscreants such as New York Congressman Charlie Rangel are still in Congress.

The Democratic Party has a history of supporting sexual perverts. There is no better example than Bill Clinton, who is undoubtedly Weiner’s role model. Clinton survived his lies, impeachment, and a string of inappropriate affairs, charges of sexual harassment and accusations of rape to become the elder statesman of the Democratic Party. It is more than coincidental that Clinton presided at Weiner’s wedding and officially married the couple. In one way, Weiner’s marriage was doomed from his wedding day.

Congressman Weiner has no character, no judgment, no honor and no business being a member of the U.S. Congress. Weiner embarrassed both his colleagues and the entire institution of Congress. He should be ashamed, resign and seek the counseling he needs. Instead, he will continue to pollute Capitol Hill with his filthy reputation and bring nothing but dishonor to the Democratic Party, his district and to this country.


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