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Is BP Oil Raining In Louisiana?

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Is it really raining BP oil in Louisiana?
That might certainly be what some people across the world might believe.
For instance, here is a video found on Youtube entitled “Raining Oil in Louisiana”.
One watching the video would believe that oil was just pouring from the skies like cats and dogs.

A voice on the video says “it raining oil everywhere”.
He also says he is in River Ridge.
Anyone knowing the New Orleans area would surely know that River Ridge is hours away by car from any oil sighting.
Also, on the Youtube video there is a picture of what appears to be dead crabs near a water drain.
Crabs do not normally crawl the streets of a major residential area totally remote from any waters.  And why would a crab just happen to land by a sewage drain dripping in oil?
On Monday, US city mayors visited the gulf and saw oil stains across the marshes.
I joined them for their review of damaged interior Louisiana water-lands.  Most of the mayors said that the oil damage is nothing like see on news programs back home.      
Local officials have complained that they not only must combat oil around the Louisiana Gulf Coast but they also must fight against misperceptions across the world claiming that oil is everywhere.
So far now, if you visit South Louisiana, you might need to take an umbrella for the summer afternoon rains.  And, the only oil you might see in restaurants is oil and vinegar in bottles.   
You will not see oil coming down from the clouds or pouring into residential areas hours from where oil has indeed stained the outer edges of the marshes and miles of bays and estuaries on the southern edges of the Louisiana coastline.  
Without doubt, families and businesses in south Louisiana in particular are being hit hard financially due to closures of waterways where fishermen and crabbers would normally work their trade and in towns where oil industry companies have shut down due to the  gulf moratorium.  
Instead, for now and probably never, it seems wholly unlikely that anyone will be hit by oil from the skies but certainly many will be hit by exaggerations and hysterical falsehoods.  
By Stephen Sabludowsky


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