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Louisiana Business: Cyber Monday, LSU game App, Mercedes Benz, Lafayette Chamber, LSUHC

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mercedesThe Louisiana Business news for today: Cyber Monday, LSU game App, Mercedes Benz, Lafayette Chamber, LSUHC

Mercedes-Benz of New Orleans

Mercedes-Benz of New Orleans is excited to have the all new 2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class in stock.

Features include:

The new and improved Active Lane Keeping Assist intervenes to correct lane changes using a radar system. If the system detects a possible collision is will vibrate the steering wheel and use lane-correcting single-sided braking.

Active Blind Spot Assist is another radar-based system that warns the driver if it detects another car in the blind spot when changing lanes.

The Brake Assist System (BAS) PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist detects imminent crashes with cross traffic at junctions and prompts the driver to start emergency braking and will even automatically apply brake pressure for effective emergency braking. The BAS PLUS and PRE-SAFE Brake prevents accidents with pedestrians and vehicles in front of you.

The Night View Assist Plus alerts drivers to pedestrians and animals that may be in potentially hazardous positions in front of your vehicle. Infrared headlamps light up the road in front of you with invisible infrared light. A Far-infrared camera detects the relevant objects such as pedestrians, deer or other animals as a thermal image , enabling it to control the warning function.

PRE-SAFE Impulse pulls the front occupants away from the direction of the impact and deeper into their seats by their seat belts which will significantly reduce injuries in a frontal collision.


The Smyth Group's smash hit mobile app word game “So You Think You Know Words” has spawned the creation of an entirely new version: "SYTYKW -LSU Edition”. Created in cooperation with The Daily Reveille staff, and themed exclusively for LSU, the extensive puzzle list will challenge everyone from LSU freshmen to professors and alumni alike. Puzzle topics include LSU history, sports and campus life.        

Gameplay is deceptively simple: find three answers to each clue using the letter tiles provided. If you get stuck, you can ask your friends on Facebook for help by posting a snapshot of your puzzle along with your cry for help. There are no limits to the number of guesses, time restrictions or penalties for wrong answers. This ensures that “So You Think You Know Words - LSU Edition” can be played for just a few spare minutes, or for a prolonged period.

“We are huge LSU fans, and people have been asking us to produce an version of

You LSU our word game.” Commented Jamie Smyth of The Smyth Group. “So    Think You LSU

Know Words - LSU Edition build s on the popularity of the SYTYKW and adds an spin to it."

“So You Think You Know Words - LSU Edition”, the innovative word game that reinvents the traditional crossword challenge with an LSU focus, is available now as a universal app for iPhone and iPad at:  Watch for an Android version to be released shortly.

For more information, visit:

Lafayette chamber

The Chamber will be welcoming its new members at the New Member Orientation on Tuesday, December 4, 2012, from 8:00am - 9:30am. This event will familiarize new members on the many advantages and benefits the Chamber offers.

To RSVP, please contact Peyton Meche at 337-408-3658 or [email protected].

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The Child Neurology Society presented Ann Henderson Tilton, MD, Clinical Professor of Neurology at LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans, with the 2012 Hower Award at the 41st Annual CNS Meeting in November. The award, given to one child neurologist each year, honors an outstanding teacher and scholar whose contributions to the specialty have been recognized at national and international levels.

            Dr. Tilton is a Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics and Section Chair of Child Neurology at Louisiana State Health Science Center in New Orleans, Louisiana.  She is the co-director of the Rehabilitation Center at Children’s Hospital of New Orleans and director of the Comprehensive Spasticity Program.  Special interests include neurorehabilitation, neuromuscular disorders, and clinical research in novel uses of botulinum toxin and intrathecal baclofen in the care of children and young adults with abnormal tone.

  Dr. Tilton has been involved on the Executive Committee of the Professors of Child Neurology and active in the national Child Neurology Society as a Councilor, Secretary/treasurer, and served as President of the organization. She also served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Child Neurology Foundation.  Residency education is one of her priorities and she served as a member and Vice Chair of the ACGME Neurology Residency Review Committee. She is currently a Neurology Director for the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Her interest in children with disabilities extends to the American Academy of Pediatrics where she served on the national Council for Children with Disabilities. Additionally, she is a certified member of the American Society of Neurorehabilitation where she served on the executive committee.

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