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Jindal Signs Social Networking, Other Bills Into Louisiana Law

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Today, Governor Bobby Jindal signed into law HB 55 by Rep. Thierry – a Governor’s Package Bill – which criminalizes the accessing or using of social networking websites, chat rooms and peer-to-peer networks by registered sex offenders.  He also announced signing other legislation into law.

Governor Jindal said, “We don’t let sex offenders on our playgrounds and online social networking sites will now be no different. We must always be one step ahead of the monsters that prey on our children, and with the development and popularity of social networking websites, such as Facebook and chatrooms, sex offenders have new tools for communicating with our children. Law enforcement officials will now have a new mechanism to deter sex offenders from interacting with our children by criminalizing their use of these sites.”

The new law will apply to registered sex offenders who were previously convicted of indecent behavior with juveniles, pornography involving juveniles, computer-aided solicitation of a minor or video voyeurism; or were previously convicted of a sex offense in which the victim of that sex offense was a minor. Under the bills these criminals, upon first conviction, will be fined up to $10,000 and imprisoned for up to ten years without benefit of parole, probation or suspension of sentence.  Upon a second or subsequent conviction, they will be fined up to $20,000 and imprisoned with hard labor for five-20 years without benefit of parole, probation or suspension of sentence.

Also, today, Governor Bobby Jindal announced that 13 bills passed by the Legislature have been signed into law, bringing the total number of bills signed for the 2011 Regular Legislative Session to 34 bills. 

HB 5 by Rep. White authorizes sheriffs and deputy sheriffs with at least 16 years of active service to purchase their service firearms upon retirement.

HB 33 by Rep. St. Germain relates to group insurance premiums for retired sheriffs and deputy sheriffs.

HB 64 by Rep. B. Badon relates to wildlife around crawfish ponds.

HB 113 by Rep. St. Germain relates to the transfer of certain properties.

HB 169 by Rep. Henry relates to the use of sound suppressors.

HB 187 by Rep. B. Badon exempts certain registered sex offenders from the ability to obtain an identification card free of charge.

HB 193 by Rep. Anders merges certain funds within the Department of Agriculture and Forestry.

HB 217 by Rep. Barras relates to probation violations.

HB 241 by Rep. Richardson allows a justice of the peace in East Baton Rouge Parish to appoint a clerk of court.

HB 253 by Rep. Champagne relates to a hardship license for non-alcohol related offenses.



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