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New Orleans Saints: Return of Bush, Arnoux's Superbowl Ring

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Reggie BushReggie Bush has accepted the fact that he'll take a pay cut on his contract this season whether he stays with the Saints or signs with another team.

No team in the NFL is going to pay him $11.8 million which his contract calls for to play this season. He knows his contract must be renegotiated.

"This is some things that me, my agent and the Saints collectively have to come together to talk about," said Bush. "We'll have to come to a meeting point and it's going to take a type of renegotiation."

Bush has never rushed for 600 yards in his NFL career and his total yardage has declined every year.

He didn't participate in any of the player-organized workouts that ended on Thursday at Tulane. But Bush has a personal trainer and stays in shape the year around.

Bush said he would like to retire as a Saints in five or six years. My guess is he'll play here one more season.


Saints linebacker Stanley Arnoux has his Super Bowl ring back.

The ring, valued at about $30,000, was stolen in late May when the player left the ring in the console of his car, which was in a parking garage until 7 a.m.

Miami radio station WSVN reports that a Gil Ulloa, a valet manager at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, was arrested recently for the theft after he sold the ring to a pawn shop for $1,200.. He is being charged with grand theft.

"A couple of day later, he came to the store and asked what we were going to do with the ring," said shop owner Alberto Iturrey. "I found that very odd and contacted police.

Iturrey contacted Arnoux to return the ring via Twitter.

"His eyes watered when I gave back the ring," said Iturrey. "He told me, his exact words were, 'Man I feel like I'm receiving it again for the first time.'"

Former Steelers tight end Warren Bankston lost his Super Bowl ring on the Tulane campus where he was a student before going to the NFL.

A coed found the ring and returned it to Bankston.

Some hither, others yon: Offensive left tackle Jermon Bushrod wants to re-sign with the Saints this summer. "I love the situation we have going," said Bushrod. "I would like a long-term deal. They know that I want to be here and they're happy with me." Bushrod was tendered at the second-round level in March though there's a chance four-year players will end up unrestricted under the next CBA.  A one-year deal might be ideal for the Saints, allowing Charles Brown to step in in 2012...And whatever became of former Saints linebacker Joe Federspiel?...

SOME hither, others yon

Former Redskins quarterback Joe Theisman wil; make an appearance at the National Athletic Trainers Association conference on Tuesday at 10 a.m. at the Convention Center at the New Product Theater -- Exhibit Halls A, B-1 and B-2.  He's the spokesman for Defense Sport Mouthguard Rinse, the first product on the market created to clean and remove dirt and bacteria from the mouthguard...Trivial time: Twentyfive major leaguers have hit 50 or more home runs in a season. Which one has the highest lifetime batting average?...

ESPN rates Spencer Ware as the sixth-best running back in the SEC. However, LSU coaches can't wait to turn him loose this season. He's the type of back Les Miles falls in love with: big, physical, nasty and workmanlike. He prepped at Cincinnati's Princeton High, whose notable alumni include beauty Carmen Electra...Trivia answer: Babe Ruth, who has a lifetime batting average of .342...


Les Miles will appear on ESPN's "Media Car Wash" on Tuesday...SEC football media day for LSU is July and Miles, quarterback Jordan Jeffeson, wide receiver Russell Shepard and linebacker Ryan Baker will represent the Tigers at Hoover, Ala. The Tigers report for practices on Aug. 3...Parting thought: "I never repeat gossip

by Ed Staton

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