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Katrina Secrets: Nagin Talks To New Orleans Media About Book, Race, Crime, More

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Former New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin, addressed the New Orleans news media today discussing his new book, Katrina Secrets that focuses upon the first month post-Hurricane Katrina. During the latter part of the press conference, Nagin discussed the mistakes he made after Katrina and his bitter relationship with the media before and after the storm.

 During the press conference, Nagin discussed the days after Katrina the storm, his communications with President Bush, issues of race and class, his meeting with Farrakhan. In addition, Nagin discussed a startling disclosure involving the unauthorized security by Blackwater which was one of the factors which Nagin admitted gave him a sense of paranoia for the first ten days post Katrina.

During the press conference, Nagin also drew a remarkable parallel between his style and possibly the style and sincerity of other politicians (you guess whom he was referring to). Also, Nagin discussed mistakes that he made after the catastrophe hit on August 31, 2005.  Nagin also discussed his concerns about race relationship and his fears of something explosive occuring in New Orleans, his future career and more. The Mayor also slammed what he considers to be the lack of economic equity in New Orleans. 

Below are 3 of 4 video setments taken at today's press conference.   Later today, Bayoubuzz will post the first segment which is approximately one half hour and which is  currently being processed.  

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