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Louisiana Politics: Vitter Ups Jindal; Carville, Boehner Plea

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JindalVitter is now on record endorsing Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal who was kind of on record not endorsing the Louisiana U.S. Senator and other Republicans Congressional candidates last year.


Early this week, Vitter sent out the following email:

Wendy and I want to thank you again for all of your friendship. Because we value it so highly, I wanted to pass on two important thoughts about our elections in Louisiana this fall.

First, I am strongly endorsing Bobby Jindal for Governor. I hope you will join with me in doing everything we can to ensure a particularly strong victory for Bobby and our state.

You know, we really should stop and remember. It wasn’t long ago that the norm in Louisiana politics was blatant corruption and cronyism interrupted only once in a while by failed reform or mere incompetence. That’s almost all I knew growing up here.

Bobby is helping to change that. He’s honest and competent. He wants to make government leaner and smarter, not more bloated and intrusive.

We must stay on this path.

And second, to help Bobby become as engaged and bold as possible in his second term, we need a more conservative legislature, particularly in the State Senate.

To achieve this, I’d strongly encourage you to support a group I helped found–the Louisiana Committee for a Republican Majority.

In just a few years, this group helped achieve majorities in both the State House and Senate. But we can go even further. (And with several Rinos or Republicans in name only, particularly in the State Senate, we need to.) With your help, we will.*

We’re one of only four states with major elections this year. So all of these victories can really help build conservative momentum for 2012 nationally as well.

Please join me in these important efforts. They will truly be critical in defining the Louisiana–and America–we leave to our kids and grandkids.

Thank you again for your partnership.”

So, what’s up?


Some politicos believe Vitter was doing a one-upmanship by being “turn-the-other-cheek kind of guy” with his announcement while reminding his constituents that he is a real political power- player in this state, a true conservative serving the GOP Party yet promoting the ideals of the Tea Party which some believe Jindal abandoned this legislative session.

Whether Vitter intended to do this at all, in some quarters, that is clearly the perception.

It is also the way I view the gambit.  

After all, who would Vitter support this fall? A Democrat? Other than Tara Hollis, an unknown school teacher, so far, nobody has come forward to take on the Guv.

Also, there is a remarkable power play going on between Jindal and Vitter as demonstrated by the fight over the University Medical Center project in New Orleans.

Will the endorsement do Jindal any good?

On the short end, it tells others that if they are intending to jump into the fray, they will not get Vitter’s support.

To date, one possible Jindal opponent might be John Georges who has put a ten million dollar marker into the campaign bingo although nobody knows why and it appears Georges is not talking—yet.

Georges has contributed to Vitter in the past, however, some are now saying that Georges is eyeing the Lt. Governor ‘s seat spot and not favoring another bout with the now-incumbent.

How this all plays out obviously remains to be seen, but it is clear that both gain by Vitter’s latest move with the junior senator coming out on top in a game where there really were no losers.

Some other politics:

Jindal’s economic development campaign road

Talk about the power of incumbency. This week alone, the Governor appeared at two economic development announcements, one dealing with CenturyLink and today’s focusing upon Dow Chemical-Angus Facility in Sterlington.

Yesterday, he was showcasing his economic development gains speaking to a technology group where he gave out awards for achievements.

While Jindal’s star is fading a bit down home while he keeps getting kudos by Hannity on Fox News, he can ride the economic development train with these kind of announcements which are good for the state and not bad for the Governor campaigning on the public’s dime promoting his own achievements.

Not that Jindal is doing anything different than any other politician. In fact, these appearances will make great campaign commercial highlights should Jindal decide to dip into his heavy war chest.

 Carville, Boehner make plea

Louisiana’s James Carville on behalf of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has sent out the following trying to raise money for the organization.

In classic Carville, here are excerpts of what he has written in his email plea:

FEC deadline is midnight, and here’s a number to ponder: 90%. It’s so important, you should tattoo it backwards on your forehead so you read it every time you brush your teeth:

  • 90% of donations to Karl Rove’s American Crossroads this year came from 3 billionaire donors bent on destroying President Obama.
  • 90% of donations to the DSCC come from grassroots supporters.

American Crossroads has 3 important donors. The DSCC’s got half a million. And every one of those donors needs to give by midnight if we’re going to defend our 4-seat majority.


 Imagine these two scenarios we could see on Nov. 7, 2012:

  • President Obama wins a second term. We’ve held the Senate. We’ve won back the House. We can focus on creating jobs and boosting the middle class – not giving tax breaks to Karl Rove’s billionaires and Big Oil.
  • President Obama has conceded to Michele Bachmann. We’ve lost the Senate. The GOP holds the House. Better bring waders when you visit Washington, because the Tea’s gonna be hip deep.

With perhaps less wit, Speaker John Boehner sent out an email on behalf of the National Republican Congressional Committee. Here are some exceprts:

We have less than two days before a critical fundraising deadline -- will you make an immediate online contribution to the NRCC? Act before midnight on Thursday and I, along with my House Republican colleagues, will triple your generous contribution... ensuring the NRCC can remain on offense in the months ahead.

With the help of conservative activists across the nation, Republicans are winning the messaging battle on jobs and the economy. A majority of Americans support our agenda to simplify the tax code, cut spending and eliminate excessive regulations.

We have momentum on jobs and the economy -- the issues that Americans care most about.

That's why I hope you’ll make an immediate contribution to help our Republican team continue fighting to get government out of the way of job creators in America.

Your gift today will make a big impact on our ability to strengthen our House Republican Majority that is listening to voters and focusing on creating new jobs and growing the economy, not adding more debt.


On Wednesday, State Representative Ricky Templet announced today that he will seek election to the Jefferson Parish Councilman District I seat in the October elections. Templet, 48, is a Republican.


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