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Casey Anthony Acquittal Has Twitter In Shock

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Casey AnthonyNow that the new “Trial of the Century” is history, based upon news account, the nation and much of the world is in a state of shock. For some reason that at this time only twelve people know, jurors in Orlando have acquitted Casey Anthony of murder and other crimes associated with the death of her daughter Caylee.

Here are some of the latest tweets from the world of Twitter concerning the verdict that apparently has shocked the world

 TaylorDunn1990@FreshBrim5 this casey anthony shyt is some straight BOYYYYSHITTTTTT

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will_allen20: How did Casey Anthony get free

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lau_perales@NikkiSixx Wow, isn't it great to see Casey Anthony so happy? Almost like she forgot her kid is dead.....

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drizzyminaj: RT @kirkmorrison55: Michael Vick does 2 yrs n Federal Prison for Dog fighting, Plaxico does 2 yrs for gun possession, Casey Anthony no time at all.#justsaying

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ipk13: Heard this: Casey Anthony said she will not rest until the real killer is caught.#OJ'd

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Hannah_Sydney@KimKardashian the devils dancing with casey anthonytonight!!

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NatGasEngineer: RT @bethanyshondark: If the only thing you've cared about in the news is Casey Anthony in the past several months, do me a favour. DON'T VOTE.

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ItsMufasaBitchCasey Anthony should have been find guilty smh

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DeeDixon_23Casey Anthony can walk out the courtroom now & be like yeah "I killed my daughter" . . . & it won't matter. No #doublejudgement. .

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