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New Orleans Saints: Sean Payton, Drew Brees, Jahri Evans, Who Dat, Super Bowl

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Sean Payton almost was the first coach in the 44-year history of the Super Bowl to skip the morning-after news conference.

Payton's book "Home Team -- Coaching the Saints and New Orleans Back to Life,."written with New Orleans native Ellis Henican, Newsweek columnist and Fox News channel analyst, details the near-miss.
Excerpt from the book:

“Mr. Benson paid for one hell of a party. Better Than Ezra played. Kenny Chesney came on at three in the morning. The liquor flowed. Champagne was finally poured (Payton was miffed he was not allowed to have champagne in the locker room for the team after the game.)  Even after a very tough football game, players found the energy to dance. There was lots of hugging and lots  “I love you, man." Basically. we were up all night. And why not? There was no next game to worry about. And God knows, we'd waited long enough for this. Four years since I have gotten to New Orleans. -- 42 years, five months and 18 days since John Gilliam's opening run. As we toasted the team, the city and ourselves, we knew we still had some celebrating in front of us. No one seemed eager to call it an early night.

Payton was due at the news conference qt 8:30 that morning in Fort Lauderdale -- 40 minutes from the Intercontinental Hotel on Miami Beach.

The book continues:

About 5:15 on Monday morning, just as the February sun was rising over the Atlantic Ocean, the party was finally winding down.

The players and the coaches wandered into the morning for a long, well-deserved rest. I wasn't that lucky. Did I mention the news conference was scheduled for 8:30? I was totally dead asleep when Mike Omstein (marketing agent) was banging on my door at 7. sharp. I'd been asleep and hour and 40 minutes, and I'd had a couple of cocktails and some Amstel Light. OK, more than a couple. As I'd said good night, I'd told Omstein, "I'll pay the fine. No way am I making the news conference. There's only so I much can do.

"Look," Omstein said. "For 44 years, the head coach has always been there. You're gonna be the first one to miss it."

Payton made it.”He  already had one Super Bowl record” His team recovering the only second-half kickoff in Super Bowl history.

Payton said he sat down with Henican  and described what he wanted in the book: "When we're finished with this. I really want to make sure that someone that has just finished reading it feels they had five hours with me at an airport bar when our plane got delayed."

The book will be released on June 29 and is well worth a read.
Where did Who Dat come from? In 1983, a rallying cheer for the team, as Saints fans picked up the chant during the Saints' 19-13 victory at Atlanta. From that point on, whenever or where ever the Saints played, the cry echoed from the stands -- and the bench "Who Dat? Who Dat? Who Dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints? Who Dat Who Dat?"

Drew Brees is No. 3 on' s Pete Prisco's list of the NFL's top 50 players. Saints guard Jahri Evans is No. 30. Peyton Manning is No. 1 and Tom Brady No. 2.  Writes Prisco: "Winning a Super Bowl helps Drew Brees' cachet, but he's just out of the Big Two. Win another one and we might have to re-think that. I had Jahri Evans 40th last  year before most realized how good he was. He is a mauler in the run game. He's the highest paid guard for a reason."
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