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Are Jindal, Vitter In Campaign Battle To Be Louisiana's GOP Godfather?

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Is Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal in a subtle political war with U.S. Senator David Vitter to control the future of the Louisiana Republican Party and the state’s political space? Are we witnessing a Godfather-like family fight on the bayou?

It is no secret that there has been frayed feelings between the current Governor and junior Senator despite Vitter’s rather unusual endorsement of Jindal.

Weeks ago, Vitter publically patted Jindal on the cheek with his political endorsement for Governor.   In doing so, Vitter also appeared to also give Jindal a “dig” while reminding Louisiana voters and fellow Republicans that they can call upon the Senator for his political support.

In his endorsement letter, Vitter said, “And second, to help Bobby become as engaged and bold as possible in his second term, we need a more conservative legislature, particularly in the State Senate.”

Many commentators considered “as engaged” as possible to be a reminder to Jindal that some believe he has been removed from Louisiana’s reality at times while launching his own personal national political agenda.

But, then, Vitter went on to say, “To achieve this, I’d strongly encourage you to support a group I helped found–the Louisiana Committee for a Republican Majority.”

Today, Governor Bobby sent out a campaign email, not asking money for himself (which is somewhat odd), but instead, stating in part:

“It is critically important for Louisiana's future that we elect more conservative reformers to the State House and State Senate who will work with us to streamline government, keep taxes low, and produce the economic conditions that will create jobs for our people.”

JIndal also said, “To achieve these goals I've asked the LA GOP to establish a statewide Victory Fund specifically for electing members of the state Legislature.  Unlike other efforts, the LA GOP's Victory Fund can coordinate directly with targeted campaigns to spread our conservative message and get-out-the-vote for our targeted candidates to win elections.  Already, we've raised $700,000 for this initiative and with your help we will reach our target of $2 million to be put toward electing conservative state representatives and state senators this fall.”

At the bottom of the email was a request for cash to the Victory Fund.

Unquestionably both politicians want more conservative legislators to further that agenda. But, just what does the Governor mean by “unlike other efforts”?

No doubt, whoever controls the strings to campaign loot to elect our future Republican legislators who logically are dying to be re-elected can surely expect to give out offers that just simply can’t be refused.

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