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Jindal, Vitter Plan To Hammer Louisiana Demos With Campaign Funds

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Thor HammerYes, three large bogeys for Democrats statewide to concern themselves with.
 First, of course, is the seemingly inevitable reelection of Bobby Jindal. He'll be steamrolling to a 50+1 victory on October 22nd (that'd be two straight), while trying to find some way to spend all of that state campaign money he's raised. It'll probably be around $10-12m when he reports on July 25th, and no matter how many TV buys he makes, he'll be hard pressed to find places to put all of that cash for his own race against... nobody.

 Therefore, Jindal will be spending prodigiously unseating unfriendly legislators, largely Democrats. If he were to spend something like $2-3m (which is a number his henchmen have bandied about), Jindal could easily swing close elections in legislative seats statewide. 

But Jindal isn't the only Republican with more cash than he knows what to do with it. David Vitter's Louisiana Committee for a Republican Majority has already signaled they will spend heavily to influence the legislature. Vitter's tactically smart early endorsement of Jindal wasn't so much an endorsement, but rather a signal that Vitter considers this year his best shot yet to take the reigns of the conservative movement in Louisiana

That's two, but what about a third? We always knew the State Republican Party would be spending heavily to elect Republicans (as they should), but now we get more of an idea of the scale of the operation:

Gov. Bobby Jindal is getting involved in legislative elections this fall, working with the state Republican Party on fundraising efforts to bring more GOP members to the Louisiana Capitol.

Jindal sent an e-mail to supporters Wednesday seeking donations for the Victory Fund, a GOP fundraising arm focused on state legislative races. In the e-mail, the governor says he asked the state Republican Party to create the fund to help elect "more conservative reformers" to the House and Senate.

The effort is similar to the fundraising and campaign work done by U.S. Sen. David Vitter's Louisiana Committee For A Republican Majority — but it's unclear whether the two are coordinating their efforts.

Jindal says the Victory Fund has raised $700,000 for the election, with a target of $2 million.

And that's three. From a money perspective, it's going to get ugly. Jindal also writes that the victory fund, as enabled by law, will coordinate with campaigns in ways outside money cannot:

"Unlike other efforts, the LA GOP's Victory Fund can coordinate directly with targeted campaigns to spread our conservative message and get-out-the-vote for our targeted candidates to win elections," Jindal wrote in the e-mail.

So there's that.

by Lamar Parmentel, Chief-Curator of The Daily Kingfish 

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