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Kate Middleton pregnant: No hockey and high heels, you’re carrying royal jewels

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kate-heelsEveryone concerned is or possibly will give the future Queen of England, Kate Middleton advice, now that she is home from the hospital after her first bout of being certifiably pregnant.



One medical doctor  writes on Fox News that she should eat carbos, stay away from Lord Grey Tea and if anything for the future of she needs him, he’ll be on call.  Although he’ll likely be in America should the royal phone ring his office, but, hey, some will go to kingdom come to preserve the Kingdom in need.

So, humor me for a second as here is some of my own advice—coming from someone who has actually been pregnant… Kate Middleton  should remember she is carrying some precious royal jewels inside of her.

After all, one day, Kate Middleton was photographed playing field hockey in high-heeled boots.  A day or so later, she was brought to the hospital, pregnant and in an emergency condition.

The official word is that she has been suffering from violent morning sickness.  But the real story could mean many things, including bleeding from her uterus.

And that isn't good as the good Fox News doctor might agree.

We don't know whether Kate has a history of miscarriage or not, and the Palace probably doesn't want for us to find out.

But if she does have this condition, the prescription for it is most likely immediate bed rest.

Nowadays, an ultrasound scan can tell an obstetrician, very early on, whether a fetus has a heartbeat, whether it is viable, whether it is in crisis.

At 30, she's not so young, having been Prince William's courtesan-girlfriend for ten years.

In another age, another time, Kate would likely never have made the spousal “running”.  And if she fails to provide an heir, things could get a little heady based upon royal history.

Either way, it is clearly time to get serious about getting and staying pregnant, which means she should likely stop playing hockey in high heels and get acquainted with her new role of being fully attired and not a target of naked pictures.

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