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If Princess Diana had followed the equerry’s advice

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prince harry princess dianaA great thick shock of attractively graying hair like that in Stieler’s 1820 portrait of Beethoven sits atop a highly intelligent brain that works the way that Lord Melbourne’s did when he advised the young Queen Victoria.  And like Lord Melbourne, this gentleman is notably “kind, honest, and not self-seeking” despite his ample dealings with British Royalty.



The brain and hair and noble bearing all belong to Patrick Jephson, the late Princess Diana’s former Equerry and private secretary who served her from 1988 to 1996.  Make your own comparisons at and

Had the headstrong Diana had the good sense to follow Jephson’s sage advice, she might well not only still be alive today, but she might also have become a genuine “princess of Wales.”  The Welsh are a unique people who were conquered, but they would not have hesitated to embrace her as their own princess, especially if she had only just learned a little bit of their unique language, purchased an estate there for herself, and genuinely lived among the people of her royal title, as Jephson brilliantly recommended that she do.


To show you that no good deed goes unpunished, Jephson felt compelled to resign his post when he learned to his dismay that Diana had given a secret interview to the BBC show, “Panorama,” in which she’d made hair-curlingly critical remarks about the British Royal Family, and about Prince Charles in particular.  Jephson then held his tongue until after Diana’s death, when he authored a fascinating, erudite memoire called “Shadows of a Princess.”

Her Majesty was reportedly not amused.

But Jephson’s book is a masterpiece of sober revelation and penetrating, thoughtful analysis.

And while it does not amuse so much as enlighten and amaze the reader, we are so glad he had the temerity to write it, and that he’s lived to tell the tale.

Yesterday, in our lively article about a prank call made by “Shock Jock” New York DJ Howard Stern to Princess Diana’s hotel room way back when, we stated that Jephson was the equerry whom Stern engaged in a lengthy and quite amusing conversation about British royals versus the rest of humanity.  We wish to clarify that, although Jephson answered Stern’s phone call, he had the great wisdom to immediately pass the call on to Princess Diana’s official press secretary, who was a different male retainer.

So Jephson is innocent of any prank call participation!

And so far as we know, he has not yet met with any foul play, or died under mysterious circumstances.


His website can be found at  His excellent book, “Shadows of a Princess,” remains among the best.  Check it out at:

Read it, and you will never look at royalty the same way again. 

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