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Election Campaign Tip: Should Small Races Use Pollsters?

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Should small campaigns use political polls?

Here's the political tip of the day from Louisiana Pollster, Buster McKenzie, John Maginnis and Tips of the day from How To Get Elected

 Polls Valuable in Small Races Too

The smaller the electorate, the more likely is a candidate to feel he or she doesn’t need a poll to know what’s on voters’ minds. Perhaps that is so within one’s circle, but polls can offer insights into segments of voters that candidates don’t know as well as they think they do. A good poll can make a candidate aware of issues that don’t seem as important to him or her as they do to many voters. Finally, a poll can do a great service if it tells a candidate that this is not the right race for him or her, that no one has heard of them and that the opponent’s popularity is sky high. Whatever the cost, that poll just spared that prospective candidate a lot of money, effort and heartache.  


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