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Jacintha’s husband praises Kate Middleton, William but suicide, hospital questions persist

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kate-nurseNurse Jacintha’s husband praises Kate Middleton, William but hospital questions persist 



As Jacintha Saldanha, an Indian nurse who committed suicide last week, is laid to rest, many questions regarding the entire sad episode, unfortunately, have not. 

Among the burning questions that remain unsolved is how did she die and the respective roles of the royal family and the King Edward VII hospital.

Some question if the nurse committed suicide  and instead believe foul play was in the mix.

Rumors and allegations have spread across the globe even as the world's love affair the Kate Middleton--Prince William celebrity aura reigns on.

Some believe the crown has the reach and the motive to shut down any invasion of privacy inflected upon the royal family and exercised their stroke after the prank was revealed.

They point to numerous incidents including the over-reach by the royals in pursuing the paparazzi involved in the naked Kate Middleton photos controversy.

However, if there is one interested party who appears not to believe any of these conspiracy claims, it just might be the mourning husband.

At a funeral ceremony on Saturday,  husband Benedict gave credit to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, for their kind words during the post-suicide period.

The nurse was found hanging in her room three days after she was fooled by a hoax call from an Australian radio station regarding the pregnant Kate Middleton.

 The Australian DJs impersonated Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, and nurse Saldanha transferred the imposter call to another nurse.  The second nurse provided private details about Middleton’s condition.

Assuming a suicide and no evil involvement, there is still the puzzling question—why?

Why would a nurse take her life after being a collateral player in a royal hoax?

Accordin to the Guardian, an inquest into her death on Friday heard that Saldanha left three suicide notes, with one of the notes criticizing staff at the hospital.  Husband Barboza apparently wants an inquiry into the incident.

The Daily Mirror stated a source close to the family said, "One of the letters, which is the longest, deals with the hospital and is critical in its tone. Needless to say, Ben wants a full inquiry into what happened and he wants to make sure the truth comes out. Within the letter, Jacintha calls into question some of the treatment she received at the hospital."

A second note focuses upon how she struggled to deal with the prank call while a third letter is said to focus upon the funeral plans.

Yet according to other reports, the hospital, chief executive John Lofthouse said the nurse was reassured on a number of occasions by senior management after the hoax.

Mr Lofthouse said senior staff did not blame her and offered her time off and counselling.

Writing in reply to MP Keith Vaz, who stated that Ms Saldanha's family needed to know the "full facts" of what happened, Mr Lofthouse said: "Jacintha believed that the call was genuine and she felt it appropriate to put the call through. We stand by her judgment.

"Following the hoax call, Jacintha was reassured on a number of occasions by senior management that no blame was attached to her actions and that there were no disciplinary issues involved, because she had been the victim of a cruel trick."

Mr Lofthouse said she was offered a range of support after the hoax, including time off, but decided to continue working.

He wrote: "As well as this reassurance, Jacintha was offered a range of further support including time off, the opportunity to return home and counselling from our occupational health service.

"Jacintha said that she would prefer to continue working. Neither ourselves, her friends or family noticed anything to give cause for concern."

Unfortunately, the one person who can explain the reason for the death and whether there was any action by the Hospital that would have caused her to break is the nurse herself.  For now, she has spoken through her letters. 


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