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Election Tips: Carville, Direct mail And Opposition Research

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howtogetelectedHow can you win elections?  Whether you are the candidate or a candidate-wanna-be or a campaign worker, here are some tips to make your election life better. 

Today’s tips, produced by John Maginnis and howtogetelected feature political personality and consultant, James Carville, Brent Barksdale and Dave Kemmerly. 


Direct Mail Tip: Bigger Is Better

It may cost more to print a larger mail piece, but often the postage is the same as for a smaller piece. And a larger piece, of course, stands out more in the mailbox, where other pieces are competing for the voters’ attention at election time. Be sure your consultant has checked the rates to know if you are getting the biggest pop from your postage.

Good research beats good media

If premier consultant James Carville has the choice, “I would rather have an A+ research operation and a B media operation” instead of the other way around. What makes up a good research operation? “It’s survey data, knowing yourself, your opponent, the times, the issues, the everything else,” says Carville. “I’ve seen it happen again and again.”

What’s in your closet?

The first opposition research you do is on yourself, advises Dave Kemmerly, former leading opp research consultant. Your campaign manager and consultant will need to know what to prepare for when your opponents go digging into your past. Don’t rely on memory for this, because it can be selective. Go to the courthouse, check campaign finance reports and business corporation data bases to compile everything about yourself that is on the public record. The biggest mistake a candidate can make is thinking something won’t come out.

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