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Arroyo From Louisiana's Left Now Out Of Political Closet

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tea partyme me me, an introduction

some of you may not know me at all, and why should you. others have known me over the last 20 years as a political strategist/consultant/communications director for dozens of campaigns of both major parties. others may recall radio shows i’ve co-hosted intermittently in new orleans or dallas.

 the thing is, in all those years, for the most part i have been obliged to sublimate my own views in deference to my clients. part of my responsibilities to them was to represent and submit their views to you, and not my own.

well, that’s changed.

ya see, over those 70-odd campaigns i’ve been involved in professionally, i’ve been privy to some pretty ugly stuff. in truth, i’ve been an active participant in some pretty ugly stuff as well. i know firsthand how tawdry and petty politics really can be, and the machinations and utter childishness of politics and power.

don’t get me wrong: i enjoyed my work. i enjoyed being privy to power, i enjoyed the fight for the sake of the fight. i enjoyed occasionally telling rich,  powerful people sitting crammed in a board room that they couldn’t find their butts with both hands, and get away with it. and i’ve enjoyed the thrill of victory.

unlike some of my peers and many public servants, i’m proud to say that i never crossed the line into illegal activity, participated in bribes or schemes, and never pursued government jobs or contracts or sweetheart deals etc. as part of the spoils of victory.

how low we’ve set the bar these days, that i would consider it laudable to you that i never became a criminal in spite of my career in politics.

so, what to do with all this knowledge and insight and instinct that has been accumulated, if not use it to do more of the same? 

well, instead, i hope to wake you, dear reader, up. to wake you up and wise you up. to challenge your sensibilities and help you to know the questions you should be asking, instead of the ones the politicos want you to ask. to give you what you haven’t been privy to instead of canned political pr bull.

i’m no fan of either political party these days, and that’s something i’m sure many of us have in common.

but i’d rather not sit idly by and watch us continue to drift into the sewerage that is the tea party’s and the evangelical loons’ stock-in-trade without speaking up. so much of the delusional nonsense they spew offends my intelligence and sense of basic decency, and it should offend you too.

i don’t see anyone else within a thousand miles effectively or consistently doing the job, so i figure i’d apply for the position.

i mean, a lot of these cats are some mean-spirited self-righteous hypocrites. i’ve never seen so many people, who scream that they love america, despise so many americans.

so, while i will be glad to point out deficiencies of both parties, because no one party has a monopoly on jerks, i feel it necessary to bring more balance to the rightwing controlled media that fills the papers and internet and radio talk landscape seemingly unchallenged. they’re like bad magicians doing cheap and predictable sleight of hand tricks, and they think you’re a gullible audience that will fall for it every time. so far, judging by the results in louisiana, they’re pretty much right.

i’ll see if one guy at a keyboard can chip away at that. and when all that is said and done, you’ll have what’s left, by sid arroyo.


up next from what’s left: an open letter to the youth of america.


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(Photo at top of column) party photo of the week. maybe she should learn to spell it before she demands it.

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Sidney Arroyo

Sidney Arroyo is a progressive political activist and consultant who has worked on numerous campaigns in the New Orleans area.

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