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BP Oil Spill: Army Corps Denies Louisiana JP Parish Rock Dikes

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NEW ORLEANS – Today, July 3, 2010, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District commander Col. Al Lee denied a Jefferson Parish request to build rock dikes in the Barataria Basin.  The dikes were for BP oil spill and hurricane protection. 

In a letter to Jefferson Parish, Col. Lee offered (in part) the following explanation: “My effort to
facilitate a decision that best serves the public interest required careful review of the supporting
documentation you furnished and affording state and federal resource agencies and the scientific
community an opportunity to provide meaningful input on the proposed action.

scientists and engineers of the New Orleans District, Mississippi Valley Division and Engineer
Research and Development Center (ERDC) conducted a technical assessment of the effects these structures would likely have on coastal processes, the attendant consequences for the Barataria Bay estuarine system, and relative benefit derived from these structures in reducing the intrusion of oil into the estuary. The findings I have reached based on close examination of the project and comments received from agency coordination raise very serious concern with granting authorization to perform this work in accordance with our emergency permit provisions.”

(Army corps press release)

On Jefferson Parish Councilman's Chris Roberts Facebook page, the councilman stated the following after the Corps rendered its decision:
After weeks of promises and delays the USACE has informed us that the rock permit application has been denied. A huge blow to our coastal communities as we enter the height of hurricane season.

Later Roberts  said:
Personally I believe the USACE failed the people of New Orleans before and after Hurricane Katrina. This latest decision is yet another example of a broken bureaucratic process of disconnected talking heads that are far removed from reality.

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