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Election Tips: Your Money, District And Campaign Materials

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John MaginnisIn today’s “How to get elected” tips, (howtogetelected.com), John Maginnis discusses the risks of spending your money and not driving the political districts. Lynn Jones advises not to push your campaign materials in the wrong place. 


First money in, last money out

If you are going to put some of your own money into your campaign, don’t let it be the first money spent. It’s better to set that aside for some big-ticket items you will need toward the end, such as your paid media. And don’t start spending money, especially hiring staff, until you know you can raise it.

 Be careful where you hand out push cards

Push cards are great for introducing your candidacy and conveying your message, but be careful where you hand them out. Not at sporting events, for instance, because they will be thrown on the ground before the fan is in the stands. And talk about a downer, says Lynn Jones, for you and others to see your face being trampled on. It’s better to shake their hands and ask for their votes and to save your card for a more appropriate setting.


Drive the district before you start running in it

Before you start running, know the course, and don’t assume you know the district lines, because they change. There is no greater fool than a candidate going door to door in the wrong district. So draw the district lines onto a street map and have your spouse or a friend drive every street. You will get ideas about people and businesses that might support you, and you will see first hand problems—blight, broken streets or sidewalks—that you can address in your campaign. First-time candidates have done this and wound up knowing the district better than the incumbent, and winning.

 For more campaign tips, More at Howtogetelected.com 
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