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Louisiana Democratic Party accuses Jindal before Meet The Press appearance

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Jindal-Meet-the-pressThe Louisiana Democratic Party has taken to the online email airwaves for the second time in two days attacking Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal for his refusal to enact the recently- determined constitutional Affordable Care Act.


On Saturday, the Party criticized Jindal in advance of his Sunday’s NBC Meet The Press appearance and again claimed that his denunciation of the law was not only hurtful to Louisiana but also done to further his own personal national aspirations.


Shortly after the U.S. Supreme Court decision on Thursday, Jindal announced that he would not enact the legislation in Louisiana.


That announcement in many respects mimicked a prior announcement following the passing of the stimulus law which proceeded a Meet The Press engagement and appearance in the national spotlight giving the Republican response to Obama’s address to the nation in February 2009.


Jindal is widely considered to be a top Vice Presidential prospect for a seat on the Romney ticket.


In the email, the Louisiana Democratic Party said,



Make the Governor Explain on Meet The Press!

Governor Jindal's refusal to participate in the creation of the Health Insurance Exchange and the expansion of Medicaid provided for under the Act, punish Louisiana businesses, citizens, families and health providers to advance his national political ambition. The Louisiana Democratic Party calls for the Governor to explain why he is punishing Louisianans during his appearance on Meet the Press tomorrow. For more information email here, or call the party at 225-336-4155.

Jindal punishes Louisiana businesses and families with Affordable Care Act obstruction

Governor Bobby Jindal has emerged as the Republicans' lead obstructionist to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. He has refused the participate in the formation of a health insurance exchange to serve Louisiana residents, families and businesses. He has declared that he will not allow Louisiana to participate in the expansion of Medicaid made possible through the Act, thus denying health care coverage to hundreds of thousands of Louisiana citizens.

Governor Jindal will appear with Governor Howard Dean on NBC News' Meet the Press on Sunday, July 1.

"It is clear that the Governor has chosen political grandstanding over the well-being of the Louisiana people," said LDP Chairwoman Karen Carter Peterson. "He has chosen to punish Louisiana citizens, families, businesses and health care providers in a brazen attempt to bolster his national political ambition.

"Governor Jindal's politically motivated obstructionism on ACA reduces Louisiana businesses, citizens, families and health care providers to second class citizenship by denying them access to the full benefits of the law, which the Supreme Court upheld this week," Carter Peterson said.

By refusing to participate in the formation of the Louisiana Health Insurance Exchange, Governor Jindal has forfeited the state's rightful role to help tailor the exchange to work best for Louisiana businesses and working families. A well-operating exchange would introduce transparency and better pricing to the Louisiana health insurance market. The state also forfeits its opportunity to define the kinds of health plans that can be offered in Louisiana due to Jindal's obstructionism.

The Governor's politically motivated grandstanding on the health insurance exchange punishes Louisianans while boosting his national prospects.

By refusing to allow Louisiana to participate in the expansion of the Medicaid program, the Governor is denying health insurance coverage to at least 360,000 working Louisiana residents who cannot afford health insurance. Again, he has done this in order to raise his national profile.

Governor Jindal is punishing morel than 360,000 working Louisiana residents in order to advance his political ambition.

The Affordable Care Act is Good for What Ails Louisiana

Louisiana has consistently ranked among the states with the worst health care outcomes in the country, primarily because we are a low-income state with high levels of poverty and a large percentage of working age adults without health insurance.

The Affordable Care Act responds to Louisiana's needs in a number of ways. It is already improving the lives of Louisiana residents. Here are some facts about how Louisiana residents have already benefited from the Act:

•        More than 53,000 young adults in our state between the ages of 18 and 26 gained coverage as a result of being able to remain on their parents' insurance plans.

•        275,000 Louisiana women now have access to free preventive services, including mammograms, bone density scans and cervical cancer screenings.

•        Seniors in Louisiana have saved more than $53.8 million on prescription drug coverage.

•        More than 60,000 small businesses in Louisiana are eligible for tax credits to make health coverage for their employees more affordable.

•        About 360,000 working adults in Louisiana will be covered by the expansion of Medicaid, reducing emergency room use and eliminating the uncompensated care that is draining resources from our hospitals, doctors and other providers.

•        The national deficit will be reduced by over $1 trillion over 20 years, according to a nonpartisan analysis from the Congressional Budget Office.

Governor Jindal's politically motivated obstructionism will deny Louisiana families and businesses the full benefits of the Act that citizens in other states will derive.

Email Meet the Press host David Gregory, calling on him to ask Governor Jindal directly: "Why do you insist on relegating the people of his state to second class citizens status through your refusal to participate in key elements of this law?" 


On Friday, the Jindal election campaign sent out its own email denouncing the Supreme Court decision and while requesting campaign contributions, a fundraising venture similar to those of President Obama and Mitt Romney and scores of other politicians since Chief Justice John Robert's majority opinion was read in open court on Thursday.  That email said:




As we get farther away from the ruling, reality will dawn on people, and we will be right back to where we were. The American people did not want or approve of Obamacare then, and they do not now. Americans oppose it because it will decrease the quality of health care in America, raise taxes, cut Medicare, and break the bank.

The Court should have protected our constitutional freedoms, but remember, it was the President that forced this law on us. I congratulate the Supreme Court on one thing – they were far more honest about Obamacare than President Obama was. They rightly have called it what it is – a tax.

The truly frightening part about the ruling is the Court's declaration that President Obama can use the federal government to use their powers of taxation to compel behavior. What's next? Taxes on people who refuse to drive Chevy Volts or eat tofu? This is ridiculous.

Here is the big picture situation in America today. Success used to be measured by how many people we could get off the government dole, but now, under President Obama, we measure success by how many people we can get on government programs. Indeed, food stamp rolls have increased by 70 percent since 2007.

There used to be a stigma to relying on the government, but now it's celebrated. We have it 100 percent backwards in America today. We should celebrate people getting off of food stamps, off of Medicaid, and off of government health care.

The bottom line is that Obamacare eats into the spirit of independence that made America great in the first place, and if we don't repeal it soon, we will have more people riding in the cart than pulling the cart.

I have vowed not to implement Obamacare in Louisiana, because this November we're going to elect a new President and a new Congress who will repeal and replace the terrible law.

If you are small business owner, a middle-class taxpayer, or if you are worried about what Obamacare will do to the quality of your health care – you have only one option – make President Obama a one-termer.


Governor Bobby Jindal




See video below of Governor Jindal's appearance on Meet the Press after he made the announcement that he was turning down 100 million dollars in stimulus money.

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