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Louisiana Politics: Robideaux's Move, Vitter, Jindal, Rick Perry, Obama

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Some in the Louisiana political community are now wondering whether today’s switch by House of Representative member, Joel Robideaux , means the Governor will support the current House pro tempore for the Speaker of the House. 

 Representative Robideaux of Lafayette announced today that he's switched from the  independent party affiliation to the Republican party.

Jindal, who did not get heavily involved in the process of picking chamber leaders four years ago has a change of mind and will be plugged in, or perhaps even leading the charge. 

Jindal had a difficult time on his big ticket items last legislative session but now with a growing Republican majority in the legislature, he should be more successful, at least during the first two years of the next administration.

The switch also plays out on different levels with various subplots.

While Robideaux did not go from Democrat to Republican, the move did suck more air out of the lungs of a gasping body.  With term-limited Senate President Joel Chaisson now looking at running for District Attorney of St. Charles instead of running for statewide office and with no definite commitment from Marionneaux or Caroline Fayard or anyone else as to whether they will seek statewide office, the possibility approaches a reality that the Democrats will not field any candidate with any statewide name recognition.  Jindal is currently opposed by Tara Hollis, a schoolteacher from North Louisiana.

Now that Ribideaux is a "Red", the obvious question is whether Jindal made any committments to him and if Jindal will make a push for him in the Louisiana speaker of the House battle. Along those lines, one also would have to wonder how Jindal’s move into the legislature leader-picking arena will impact upon the Jindal versus Vitter battle for political hegemony.  Both are dedicated to help republicans win seats in the legislature.  Vitter has already announced his support of Jim Tucker and the recently-switched Republican Attorney General Buddy Caldwell.  Today, Vitter backed Plaquesmines Parish President Billy Nungesser. Should Jindal greatly influence the legislative leadership-- that would be a great political victory for the Governor and could pull some sway dealing with important issues such as the future of the major medical center in New Orleans upon which Jindal and Vitter have publically disagree.

All of the above raises an interesting point.  The big debate over who controls Louisiana politics is not the Republican versus the Democratic Party, but Jindal versus Vitter with the GOP smack in the middle.

Which makes me now wonder if the last Democrat will shut the phone booth’s door behind him (or her).

Rick Perry Endorsed

Texas Gov. Rick Perry today received the endorsements of Louisiana’s Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry Mike Strain and U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) in Perry’s campaign for president of the United States. Gov. Perry visited New Orleans today and spoke to a large crowd of supporters.

”I believe that Rick Perry will lead this country back to economic prosperity and sustainable growth,” said Commissioner Strain. “Gov.  Perry has proven his effectiveness as a job creator. Since June of 2009, Texas has created roughly 40 percent of the net new jobs in America while President Obama’s policies have led to continued unemployment and economic despair.”

"Rick Perry's proven record of job creation and balancing budgets are exactly the kind of strong leadership our country needs right now. He understands Louisiana's energy-based economy and will fight to get our families working, our economy strong and our nation secure," said Congressman Steve Scalise.


Today, the White House announced We the People, a new online engagement feature.  On this platform, individuals will be able to create and sign petitions seeking action from the federal government on a range of issues. If a petition gathers enough signatures, White House staff will review it, ensure it is sent to the appropriate policy experts, and issue an official response.  
Visitors to can begin submitting petitions later this month.  To sign up for an alert when it launches and preview the feature, visit
Interestingly, “We The People “ appears to be a prominent slogan of the Tea Party as well as the phrase “take the country back”.   The White House has not announced whether it will launch a site under that moniker.


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