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Post Saints v. Packers: McCarthy, Rodgers, Cobb Post-Game Quotes

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Saints Pack
(on Aaron Rodgers’ performance) “I thought Aaron was outstanding. Aaron commands the offense. He did an excellent job keeping us in favorable plays and no turnovers. It was three touchdowns. He had a big night and that’s the way Aaron plays. He has set that standard and he’s off to a great start.”

(on if defense made plays when they had to) “Yeah, definitely. There was one turnover in the game. Our defense made it. We wanted to play an up-tempo game. We were able to take advantage of the environment. We were able to get that done with the opening kickoff, going down to score. Our defense had a turnover. So the game started the way we would like it to start. You’d like to say it’s the way we planned it. But it was the way we would like it to. We had some problems defensively, but that’s a very good offense and he’s a great quarterback. Sean does a great job on offense. This will be a great experience we can learn from.”

(on Randall Cobb) “You’ve got to be excited about Randall. He’s shown that from the first day of training camp, his ability. He missed some time with the knee injury on the kickoff. When other players talk about a player having a chance to be special he is one of those guys. He’s very raw, he’s picking up our system, but he knows what to do when he gets the football in his hands and he knows how to get open. He’s a gifted young man with a lot of good football in front of him.”

(on being aggressive on offense) “Well, when you play Gregg Williams, he’s going to attack you. That was evident throughout the game. You look at what they try to do against us schematically. You’ve got to watch yourself. You try to play smart and try to pick a defense like that apart, and do the right thing, you get too strategic. So I’m always of the opinion that the offense attacks the defense. When you play a defense that likes to attack you, you’re going to have those types of nights one way or the other.”

(on his fast start in the first three drives) “It was a good start for us. I’ve just got to ask myself, ‘What would have happened if we had offseason workouts? Could we have started any faster and scored more points tonight?’” 

(on Randall Cobb’s debut) “Randall did a great job. It’s exciting watching him with the ball in his hands. The kickoff return was incredible. The catch and run, he actually ran the wrong route but I was able to read him, surprisingly. We didn’t have offseason workouts but surprisingly I was able to read his body language there and he made a nice catch and run for a touchdown.”

(on Donald Driver tying but not breaking the team’s receiving yard record at home) “I was hoping we’d get him another catch. I knew we were close. When I hit him on that pass (when) we were going in I knew that he was in the 30s and we had to get 42 (yards) I think it was to break it. I threw it to him and he looked up at the scoreboard – I think he was seeing how many yards we got – and his expression kind of said that he was a little short. We were trying to get him the ball again, just didn’t have the opportunity.”

(on spreading the ball around) “I think all the guys will be happy. Jermichael (Finley) had a good stretch there where he caught a couple balls down the middle. Jordy’s (Nelson) been so consistent for us the last seven or eight games he’s played for us. (He had a) big catch on the first drive to get things going down the field and he just had another good game for us. And Greg (Jennings) obviously is very consistent for us. It was nice to be able to spread the ball a little bit. Driver had a few catches and we have a lot of weapons.”

(on starting his career with a pair of touchdowns) “It was amazing. The feeling of being at Lambeau Field and coming off a Super Bowl, I was just doing anything I could do to contribute and I was trying to make the most of my opportunities tonight.”

(on his kickoff return for a touchdown) “I was just trusting in God. He told me to bring it out. I’m not supposed to bring that out – I’m not. Some things are logical and some things are just the power of God, and that definitely was the power of God telling me to bring that out. He gave me great teammates to help me block down field and we just made it happen.”

(on his touchdown reception) “The touchdown [Aaron Rodgers] threw to me was a busted route. I ran the wrong route and luckily scored. I’m going to hear about that in meetings tomorrow, probably going to get a negative for it, but we just made a play right there.”

(on the feeling of scoring his first touchdown) “It was one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever had. The opportunity to be out on the field and being with the guys I’m with, it was a great feeling – probably second to being drafted by Green Bay.

(on Randall Cobb) “He’s great to have. We’ve seen it. He got a little banged up in the preseason, so he was on the shelf for a little bit and was our little secret, but he’s out there now. He had a great run (on the return), breaking tackles and making plays offensively and on special teams. It’ll be nice to have him back there.”

(on the offense’s productive start despite a shortened training camp) “We put our work in. A lot of people were worried about the offseason workouts we [didn’t have], but apparently we were all right. We put our time in, and worked hard in training camp. I think a lot of the core coming back after the Super Bowl helps and we came in grinding, and got ready to play this opening week.”

(on Donald Driver tying the Packers’ all-time receiving mark) “We were talking on the sideline. I’m a little disappointed he didn’t get one more to get it here, but obviously he’ll get it done in Carolina. It’s a great honor for him and goes to show the time, the work, the effort, the type of guy, everything. He’s one of the best that’s been here and he’s going to be on top of that list for a while now.”

(on his pass-interference call in end zone) “I was just trying to jump over him and I think I kind of did, but obviously I didn’t. It’s just great to get that last stop. The stop on the 1-yard line was huge for us.”

(on how the defense stopped the Saints on the final play) “The goal-line defense, that’s team defense there. I know Clay (Matthews) was probably the first to hit him, but I think our defensive line did an awesome job. You have to move the line of scrimmage and our defensive line pushed them back...(Desmond) Bishop and I were free to go over the top and create piles. That’s what you have to do is create a pile and have guys knocking him back. That’s what happened, and our defensive line did that a bunch tonight.”

(on the game being decided on the final play) “This game was crazy and I’m sure the networks aren’t too upset it came down to that. It was a fun game to be a part of. There were obviously a lot of ups and downs, so I’m just happy for our offense to score all those points for us.”

(on the defense’s performance) “We made the plays we needed to win. We made a stance late in the game with a chance for them to tie it and getting off the field, but (we gave up) way too many points and way too many missed tackles, and way too many yards. I’m happy with the win, no doubt about it, but that’s not the way we like to perform.”

New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers Was Game Of Inches

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