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Interview Of Louisiana GOP Chair, Roger Villere--Part 1

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Roger VillerePerhaps no one is more proud of the fate of the Louisiana State Republican Party over the past couple of decades than Roger Villere Jr., its Chairman.

Not a single Democrat qualified for statewide office for the upcoming election and Republicans now control both Louisiana legisaltive chambers.  In 2006, Democrats controlled not only the Governorship, but all  statewide offices and the House of Representatives and the Senate.

 So, why such an extraordinary turnaround? One way to answer this question was to ask the person in charge of the state party during this massive growth period. 

Thus, the first of a series of video interviews of Roger Villere Jr., which begins below:

It is not pure coincidence that Villere would be so involved in statewide politics.  After all, one of his great-great grandfathers Jacques Villere helped write the state’s constitution, commanded the first division of the Louisiana militia during the Battle of New Orleans and after the state was created, was elected as the second Governor of Louisiana after the state was adopted.

Roger Villere, a florist,  first became interested in politics after being involved in business organizations and after struggling with reoccurring flood problems after opening up Villere Florist, he realized that to get things done it was necessary to become involved in the political world. 

So, why did Roger Villere Jr. choose the Republican Party and how did he become the party chairman for the State of Louisiana?

The current Republican head, who is also on the Executive Board of the National Republican Committee, joined the Republican Party because he felt that as a small business person, that was the political party that was supported free-enterprise.  He said he felt it was important to have laws that helped businesses rather than hurt people.

Billy Nungesser Sr. appointed him to a couple of positions in Jefferson Parish then served various positions within Jefferson Parish Party.

Recently, Governor Bobby Jindal appointed him to serve on the bi-centennial committee .  Villere discusses his family history which includes an ancester serving on the New Orleans city council.  So, when Jindal asked Villere to serve on the committee he accepted.  He is the chairman the major events committee.

Villere believes the Tea Party, both in Louisiana and the nation has helped push the Republican Party to become more conservative.  Villere said that he is a member of the conservative wing of the party.    



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