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Teaing It Up Over President Bush And U.S. Class Warfare

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Class warfare“we didn’t start the fire, it was always burnin’ since the world’s been turnin’.” – billy joel, rock legend

“you can’t buy class.” luann delesseps, real housewives of nyc

the class war started 12 years ago and the sad fact is that the greedy and vile have been kicking everyone else’s butt.

 the neo-con teabag evangelical moneyworshippers would like you to believe that the poor and working classes just started it recently, but the truth is that the class warfare started with the quasi-election of the last mess from texas, the W and his sycophant parasites.

the halliburton white house is responsible for the multi-trillion dollar crapstorm we’re in today economy-wise. not that president obama and his crew have set the world on fire either, but let’s be honest: they’ve only had a couple years to match the colossal reaming the bushies laid on we the people. 

the irrefutable fact is that the american economy was stronger and healthier when bill clinton left office than any other period in our lifetimes, and the government actually had a SURPLUS!

(i love it when teabaggers’ eyes and veins bulge when i remind them of that, then they start flailing for excuses or trying to grab some of sexboy’s credit.)

and now, the neocons want another bite at the apple, to finish what they started with cheney/bush. to do that, they do what they do best: distort, distract and outright lie. remember those weapons of mass destruction? yeah, neither do i.

so, class warfare it is.

to the point, THEY changed the regulations that protected americans from predatory lending and led to the foreclosures on millions of american dreams.

THEY led us into a war based on lies while their cronies profited from the war with the billions of our tax dollars and rung up nearly two trillion dollars in overall war costs, not to mention the thousands of lives lost.

THEY changed the regulations that led to the unspeakable corruption on wall street.

THEY stacked the supreme court with ignoramuses (or is it ignorami?) who have given us the brilliant decisions that make Washington politics a rigged game, that make bloating a campaign with money more important than ideas, that make corporations….against all common sense and basic sanity…people!

THEY paved the road for cheap/child labor to take american jobs away from americans, in the name of capitalism and profit above all else, including decency.

THEY slashed the taxes on the wealthiest americans and corporations as part of their plan to widen the gap between the have-everythings and the have-not-so-muches.

And THEY gutted the government agencies designed to protect us from thieves by gouging the budgets of those regulators and investigative bodies to the point of impotence.

that’s the neocons’ special little gift: they declare government is too big and doesn’t work, then they get elected and make sure it can’t work for anyone but themselves.

ohyeah, there’s a class war going on alright.

but the big problem now for koch brothers, the corporations and neocons is that americans are beginning to catch on to them at the worst time possible: just as election season is warming up.

polls this week show several very clear developing patterns.

one is that the neocon teabagger stormtroops, or as i like to call them the great unwashed mass, are turning off sane people in droves.

in another, an independent poll by public policy polling released two days ago shows that today, in texas, teaparty/corporate/evangelical triggerman governor RICK PERRY DOESN’T EVEN HAVE THE SUPPORT OF HIS OWN CONSTITUENTS!

i kid you not: 45% of texans approve of perry, 48% DISAPPROVE.

that’s the texas miracle for ya. this clown has less support in his home state than mccain did against obama. not that obama will carry texas anyway, but that poll has gotta be scaring the bejeesus out of the billionaires’ club, and rightfully so.

so, to distract we the people while they shaft us, the neocons put on a shadowpuppet show called fake morality. the script goes like this:  the poor just want to steal from the rich. if you lost your job you probably deserved it. if you lost your home shame on you for trusting banks and moneychangers and believing that government had rules to protect citizens from fraud and abuse. if you tax the rich one cent more, your world will end. anyone who dares disagree is a socialist or a commie!

the game is called blame the victims, divide and conquer. it as old as the time of the feudal lords, or as the neocons call that period in history, the good old days.

let me leave you with some more fun info you may not be aware of:

that bastion of liberal socialists forbes just came out out with the latest edition of who owns what in america.

The 400 wealthiest americans have combined wealth of $1.53 TRILLION dollars.

In the past 12 months their net worth has risen 12 per cent while americans have suffered record job losses to cheap labor abroad, record home foreclosures because of predatory business practices, the overwhelming corruption in corporate America and the best politicians money can buy. This is…obscene.

the selfish don’t wanna pay one more cent in taxes to help out their fellow americans when they could stand up and be counted as true partners in the american dream. it’s not just greedy, it’s shameful.

i didn’t start it, but i’ll go ahead and embrace class warfare, and if enough of you do too, dear readers, then the greedy and selfish will be in for a shock, because guess what: we outnumber them.

and then our fellow americans will have what they need to get back on their feet again, and you won’t have to settle for what’s left.

Sid Arroyo-sid arroyo

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