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No Debate, Internet Rules Louisiana Elections

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mailThere is no debate.  The Internet is continuing to dominate Louisiana elections. 
This domination is even more evident today as political e-mails and press releases fly into the inboxes.  Moments ago, the Dardenne campaign sent out a statement by campaign presser, Jason Hebert who took on fellow Republican Billy Nungesser.  The latter is challenging the incumbent Dardenne for the Lt. Governor’s spot.  The issue is whether Nungesser is running away from debates.

 Moments later, the David Vitter campaign sent out an e-blast from his sizable online mailing list, promoting Nungesser’s fundraising abilities stating that “ His opponent is a darling of the liberal news media and will benefit from the free media attention. Billy needs to keep building on that financial advantage to have a chance at equal time to get his message out.” ‘  Vitter’s email then displays the latest Nungesser TV ad and of course, includes a link to the Plaquemines Parish website making easy for contributing to the campaign.  All online, get it?

Here is the email from the Dardenne campaign and the Vitter’s electronic blast backing Billy Nungesser:

It appears that the man who said he would never run away from a fight is running away from debating Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne. Nungesser will be a no-show at a debate he committed to hosted by the Greater Baton Rouge Pachyderms tonight. Nungesser’s campaign even got the chance to choose the date of the Pachyderm debate and agreed he would attend. In addition, Nungesser has backed out of appearing at a debate with the Press Club of Baton Rouge on Monday, September 26th. “It appears that Billy Nungesser has trouble keeping his commitment to discussing the issues important to the voters of the state,” said Jason Hebert, spokesman for the Dardenne Campaign. “How can voters take him at his word or expect him to be a fighter for the state when he runs away from debating Jay Dardenne,” Hebert said.  

In Case You Missed It: Nungesser backs out of two forums

Posted on September 22, 2011 by Capitol news bureau

Lieutenant governor candidate Billy Nungesser has backed out of two upcoming forums with incumbent Jay Dardenne, campaign and event representatives said Thursday.
Nungesser scrapped a Pachyderms of Greater Baton Rouge event set for Friday evening as well as one sponsored by the Press Club of Baton Rouge on Monday afternoon because of “scheduling conflicts,” campaign spokeswoman Amy Jones said.
“He is committed to attend an event for a charity foundation in New Orleans on Friday night and has a fundraising lunch on Monday,” Jones said.
Nungesser, who is president of Plaquemines Parish, is challenging the re-election bid of Dardenne in the Oct. 22 election. Both Nungesser and Dardenne are Republicans.
Dardenne, a former secretary of state, won a special election for lieutenant governor last year to fill a vacancy created when Mitch Landrieu became New Orleans mayor. He is seeking his first four-term term.
The word surprised Harold LaCour, vice president of the Pachyderms group. He said as of Wednesday when he talked to a campaign scheduler Nungesser’s appearance was on.
A reporter first advised him that Nungesser would not at-tend. “He sure didn’t tell me about it,” said LaCour on Thursday.
“We put publicity out in good faith. Now what do I do? Do you go in and tell all those people not to come,” said LaCour. He said he had a near full to capacity audience ready to hear the candidates on the issues.
After talking with Nungesser’s scheduler, LaCour said the campaign wanted to send a representative instead.
LaCour said the event will go on without Nungesser.
The Nungesser campaign also notified the Press Club that the candidate would not ap-pear, after first accepting, said Kimberly Vetter, a Press Club vice president and a reporter with The Advocate.
“We are trying to convince him to come,” Vetter said.


Paid for by the Jay Dardenne Campaign

Now, here is a copy of the Vitter email


I wanted to tell you about the exciting energy gaining in Billy Nungesser's campaign for Lt. Governor. As you know, I support Billy 100 percent because I believe he is the only candidate that represents a true conservative reform agenda.

With only about a month left in the race, Billy just announced that he has more than 1.6 million in funds - doubling his opponent Jay Dardenne's. That's not to say Billy won't need more help. His opponent is a darling of the liberal news media and will benefit from the free media attention. Billy needs to keep building on that financial advantage to have a chance at equal time to get his message out.

And Billy has a great message. If you click the link below, you'll see his most recent advertisement, which I believe makes a great point: Billy has a proven record as a fiscal conservative.

If you'd like to help Billy with a donation so he can keep getting his great message out or if you'd like to volunteer, click here or go to

(Click here to view Billy's new video)

We need a different kind of Lt. Governor: a conservative reformer like Billy – not a chosen member of the political establishment.


Paid for by David Vitter for U.S. Senate



Should there be continuing debate over the issue of a debate, make sure to click on Bayoubuzz’s "INTERNET" video of the Alliance for Good Government debate between the two candidates.  That debate occured Tuesday evening.  Also, every day next week, Bayoubuzz will be posting another segment to that debate, over the Internet, of course. . 

Also, if you have not voted for your favorite candidate for the state’s highest elective office, click here to take our Bayoubuzz poll—do you favor Dardenne or Nungesser.   Feel free to pass the poll around so others can vote.  

Now, to the next race, that one between Speaker of the House Jim Tucker and current interim Secretary of State Tom Schedler both who are running for Secretary of State spot.  Both are Republicans.

On Thursday, Tucker’s campaign sent out this damil press release regarding a controversy over a faux state website (again, Internet):


Questions Loom over Secretary of State Fraud Warning


The day after the deadline to register to vote, Secretary of State Tom Schedler put out a press release regarding a potentially fraudulent voter registration website, raising a number of questions about the timing and management of voter registration in Louisiana.


The Secretary of State’s primary responsibility is to protect the purity and integrity of the election process, from registration to final tallies. Was Schedler asleep at the wheel all this time the allegedly fraudulent site was up?


Will any Louisiana voters be disenfranchised because Schedler didn’t warn the public until now? If not, how will they handle registration using improper documents?


Did Schedler delay the release of the information to protect his political viability by distracting from a poor showing in campaign finance reporting?


The Secretary has some questions to answer…

On Thursday, the story broke that Schedler warned the public about the phony site. Tucker is referring to a phony site 

As the campaign season continues, certanly expect email, websites, online videos and other cyber-carriers of political information to flow continuously through our local web pipes filling our minds with cache bits of hype and propaganda.    Without doubt, politics will never be the same.

by Stephen Sabludowsky, Publisher of

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