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Louisiana Lt. Governor Debate: Nungesser, Dardenne Talk Jobs

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In this third segment of the debate for the Louisiana Lt. Governor’s spot between Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser and Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne, the candidates were asked what can the Lt. Governor’s office do to create jobs that the Governor’s office is not doing.


The below is a rough summary as to the candidates responses.  Please watch the videos for the actual question and the responses: 


The Governor is doing great job.

The Lt. Governor can be the person who visits CEO’s throughout the country, who champions tourism in Louisiana which is going to create jobs and who can get specifically involved as I have done over the past nine months while being Lt. Governor, with the motion picture industry. 

When I was in the Senate, I authored legislation regarding the Louisiana motion picture tax credits which has put the state 3rd in the nation behind California and New York and which has far exceeded hopes and dreams.

As far as the film industry, I have been a part of the sales team that goes out to help the industry to understand that we are receptive to that industry in Louisiana.


I have done it in Plaquemines Parish for instance after Katrina.  It is not just ribbon cutting. It takes business people to understand how to do this for example I built the largest offshore living quarters business in the Gulf of Mexico which has created 250 jobs plus the spinoffs.

You must care and not just show up to be re-elected.

Must do whatever

Takes business people to understand how to do this

Cites his experience with offshore living quarters..largest in gulf of mexico

250 jobs plus the spinoffs

Must care and not just show up to be re-elected

Must do whatever it takes to get the job done and that is what we are not doing.

It takes cutting taxes and streamlining business make it attractive for businesses to come into this state

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