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The Fate Of Louisiana Democrats In GOP-Laden Elections 2011

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MansionWith the Democratic ticket bereft of heft (I should get paid for those), Democratic voters statewide are basically up for grabs.

Before we get to that, let's  first get this out of the way: Only one Democratic Candidate for Statewide office deserves a look, and it's not the teacher from Haynesville

Donald Hodge, a young Baton Rouge Attorney, is running for Insurance Commissioner. His main campaign plank? Abolishing the Insurance Commissioner's elected position.  Since we note that at least three of the past four have gone to jail or been indicted, maybe that would be a good idea.

Let me say that again: Three of the past four Insurance Commissioners have gone to jail or been indicted.

In fact, Jay Dardenne (current Lt. Gov.) filed a Senate bill way back in 2000 to have the commissioners appointed to avoid this embarrassing streak. And Donelon, the current IC, isn't out of the woods yet. All of the former IC's faced criminal issues after they were out of office.

So, on the simple fact that Hodge seems like a competent, intelligent, progressive reform Democrat, we endorse himFind out more here.

But we digress...

Who should Democrats back in other races? Does it make sense to help elect a candidate that runs contrary to our core beliefs? Is that not a rhetorical question for Louisiana Progressives? Have we really been electing progressive Democrats... ever? So how very different would a moderate Republican be? The last pro-equality, pro-freedom to organize, pro-public education, pro-healthcare Democrat we elected statewide was ... right.

So, the choice is basically the same this year, except you'll have to vote for an 'R'. The choice sometimes comes down to a reasonable, if disagreeable, moderate, or a pious, aggressively ignorant oil-industry flack-thug. So who's it going to be?

Over the next few weeks, we'll do our best to sort through the statewides and give you something you can think about, something you can hang your Democratic hat on for a race. 

In fact, in both of the big statewide match-ups, the Democratic voter will clearly swing the election. So, maybe, just maybe, and for once, Democrats have some leverage to extract some key concessions out of a candidate... during the campaign. 

Keep that in mind. We'll be back.

by Lamar Palmentel, Chief Curator of the Daily Kingfish

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