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Nungesser Blasts Dardenne's "Attack" Ad In Louisiana Lt. Governor Race

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While there is no hotly contest Governor's race as Bobby Jindal appears to have his re-election wrapped up, the same cannot be said about the Lt. Governor's race between Plaquesmines Parish President Billy Nungesser and the incumbent Jay Dardenne.

On Thursday, the Dardenne campaign unleashed  its first campaign commercial which questioned Nungesser's business ethics.

 On Friday, Nungesser shot back with this response to what it calls an "attack ad" with the following statement.

"Mr. Dardenne's first ad of the campaign tells the Louisiana voters everything they need to know about him and his campaign.  He is a desperate candidate that can't say anything positive about his own record, so he has chosen to focus on distorting my record and the tremendous things we have done in a Parish that has been decimated by four storms and the Oil Spill.  Since my opponent won't be honest with Louisiana, I'll set the record straight.  

A company I own a minority interest in had an issue concerning the filing of W-2 employer forms following Hurricane Katrina.  This situation was cleared up years ago and the lien is in the process of being removed by the IRS.  This truly shows Jay Dardenne's complete disregard of the devastation Katrina caused for so many families and businesses in LA.  

As Plaquemines Parish President, all of my businesses were placed into a blind trust.  I have not, in any way, personally profited from BP.

Since I have taken over as Parish President, we worked to rebuild Plaquemines.  We finally have paid firemen, companies doing business in the Parish use Louisiana vendors and this year alone, I am returning over $15 million to the taxpayers I represent.  But Mr. Dardenne wouldn't know that.  Where was he doing the hurricanes?  Where was he during the oil spill?  Nowhere to be found, because when real leaders are needed, Jay Dardenne doesn't step up.  You can't be a voice for the people you represent when you have no idea who the people you represent are.

Jay Dardenne can try and twist the truth for his own personal political gain.  This is what true career politicians do.  I'll run on my record of doing everything I can to help people who really need strong leadership.  He can run on his record of increased taxes, legislative pay raises and lifetime health benefits for himself and his cronies."

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