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Tuesday, 04 October 2011 17:36

Take A Gander: Jindal, Endorsements And Louisiana Economics

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Jindal bookThe Bobby Jindal campaign is announcing that the Baton Rouge Business Report has endorsed him for Governor. 


Now, let’s see.  The person endorsing is Rolfe McCollister, the former campaign treasuer for Team Jindal I back in 2007 and and the former head of the Jindal transition team 2007-2008.

McCollister cites the improvement in jobs and the economy.

 While there is no viable candidate this election season to contest the Governor or question his supporters should we accept what is being told us and give the administration a pass?

I personally do not think we should.  Not that Governor Jindal has done a bad job, because he has not.  Unquestionably, we should praise both he and his LED Secretary Stephen Moret for continuing the recovery post -Katrina and for putting a better face on Louisiana in the world of Economic Development.  

However, while his opposition have little voice in confronting Jindal-the-candidate, others are doing so.

One writer (Tom Aswell of is reporting that the numbers the Jindal campaign is touting is one-fourth of the jobs actually created during the Jindal administration and is offering that voters are getting duped.

At least one Republican lawmaker is suggesting that the state’s unemployment has doubled under Jindal and the Governor’s blaming Obama just doesn’t wash.

Which raises the issues—who is right and why do we need to know the truth? 

When George W. Bush was President, many of the same people who now blame Obama defended Bush and said the Office of the President really does not have much to do with controlling the economy--that it is really the Congress and the Federal Reserve that have the sway.  His supporters often claimed that the U.S. economy (that was dramatically falling pre-Obama) was simply the tail wagged by the dog of the world economy.  Thus, since the World economy failed then necessarily, the U.S. economy followed suit regardless of policies, politics or personalities.

I personally believe that after four years, if the national economy improves, the President deserves the credit.  But, if the economy drops or even crashes, the President of the United absorbs the blame.  Playing a game of diversion by pointing  to outside factors such as wars, oil prices, BP oil spills, bad weather, tornados or other calamities might make for great politics but makes for poor leadership.  The buck stops at the White House desk. 

So, if the Jindal campaign has grossly inflated the number of jobs he helped to create (as alleged by Tom Aswell of the, regardless of the obvious results of the upcoming election, it certainly would be helpful for us to know the true facts so we know how to face the future.

And, notwithstanding the world or the U.S. economies, joblessness has doubled under Governor Jindal just as a hurricane devastated Louisiana under Governor Blanco resulting in a state of chaos and raising the face of ineptitude.  Those are simply the facts and our leaders should man up (or woman up) and take responsibility and not blame others.

After all, what’s good for the gander is good for those getting goosed.

by Stephen Sabludowsky, Publisher of

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