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Occupy Wall Street To Rally Thursday In New Orleans

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some neocon writers are trying to dismiss the occupy wall street movement as "dirty, smelly, jobless, confused" kids. i guess the marines and other soldiers who showed up this week, many in uniform, are dirty and smelly from serving their country in the desert.


i guess this is some of the "reasoned discourse" the teabag mouthpieces are engaging in.


then of course, there's the thousands of pilots, steel workers and transit workers, and even a few millionaires who've joined in too, as well as working families and their kids. and you know what they’re telling the government, the global corporations, and the teabaggers?

“go ahead, underestimate us. please.”


it's pretty clear and simple to me what the occupy wall street movement wants, regardless of how teabaggers and corporate media muddy the message:


#1. they want corporate criminals punished and their corrupting money out of the political process.

#2. they want just about everything that teabaggers detest.

#3. they want the president to grow a pair and remember who elected him.


if not clear about more specific issues, revisit #2.


and tomorrow, occupy wall street comes to new orleans.


occupy new orleans supporters plan to meet at noon Thursday at tulane avenue and broad street; march to lafayette square where they intend to hold a rally; and then establish a more long term presence at duncan plaza.


i plan on checking it out firsthand and sharing my observations with you, dear readers. it’ll be interesting to see what happens, and how the corporate media covers/reports on it.

stay tuned!

by Sid Arroyo

Occupy Nola

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