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Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street Movements Should Keep Republican, Democratic Thugs Out

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Wall StreetThe Republican and Democratic parties have high-jacked the American people!

Many look back at the “Arab Spring” and believe it all began when a young Tunisian street vendor set himself on fire protesting government policies that fostered oppression and curtailed his small economic enterprise.

 No question about it, his action did indeed ignite more than himself.  His deed tore open the long festering wounds of an oppressed people in Tunisia and resulted in the overthrow of that nation’s long standing dictatorship.   Soon after, this flame crossed borders and set afire Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, South Yemen, Jordan, Syria, and now even threatens to undermine Iran, China, and India.

But many fail to realize that the popular movement against government abuses and incompetency began right here in America.  That is what the “Tea Party” was all about.  It was and is not an organized political movement, but an expression of anger and exasperation over failed government, entrenched politicians, and the incestuous relationships between some private enterprises and elected officials.  It is not racist or sexist despite how some wish to portray it…”The Tea Party” crossed all borders.

The middle class and retirees saw their nation, their savings, their jobs, and their way of life threatened by a government wholly in denial of what was unfolding on Main Street.  They could contain themselves no longer.  They spoke out spontaneously and loudly.

Since this movement demonstrated a high level of anger at President Obama for his misguided and bankrupting policies, Republicans immediately sought to attach themselves and co-op the movement making it an adjunct to their own party.  To some measure they have succeeded because the main stream media, always dismissive of the “Tea Party” and striving to discredit it, have advanced this notion.

The “Tea Party’s” true message is now lost in the political games of the Republican Party and the distortions crafted by media coverage.

Now we have the “Occupy Wall Street” movement undergoing the same subterfuge. These young people have justification for their anger.  They see their hopes of achieving the “America Dream” smashed on the anvil of profiteering among business elites with the cooperation of government…especially the Obama Administration… which now seeks to distance itself.  They have student loans, but no jobs.  Their frustrations have grown to the boiling point with justification.

The American tax payer funded stimulus money with the intention of creating jobs for Americans. Instead it has gone to international banks, bogus companies, and American corporations that have used tax money to build factories in foreign nations thereby increasing their profits (i.e. GE and GM). Or worse, it has been abused to finance to corrupt businesses facing bankruptcy who took the funds to recover their own personal investments.  Nancy Pelosi’s private financial worth because of “investments” went from $21.7 million to over $35 million (up 62%) last year… during a recession.  Somebody explain that one!  And she is a “champion” of the poor.  Give me a break!

Suddenly, these selfless and angry young people find their movement, like the “Tea Party”, infiltrated.   Democratic Party activists, labor unions,, SIEU Public Employees Union, and fringe organizations sponsored by billionaire George Soros (a criminal hedge fund manager who profits from any national crisis) are taking control.  Like the Republicans, these Democratic sponsored organizations seek to turn the movement into an extension of their corrupt politics for the coming Presidential election.

“Occupy Wall Street” is being co-opted just like the “Tea Party”!

What should happen is that the leaders of the “Tea Party” and “Occupy Wall Street” get together, they would find more common ground than many believe.  Both are tired of politics, the incestuous special relationships between some businesses and government, and both seek a better tomorrow for themselves and their children.

They should not allow political thugs who seek to advance purely political agendas to destroy their pure intentions.

The political status quo has failed America.  The time has come for Real Change, and not the rehashing of half baked leftist ideas from the 1970s packaged as “Change We Can Believe In” or “Trickle down Economics.” The older generation seeks a return to the virtues that made our nation great.  The young seek to benefit from national growth and prosperity that can only come from a nation firmly founded upon a base of true national virtue.

“Occupy Wall Street” and “The Tea Party” share common ground.  They cannot allow corrupt, manipulative, opportunistic, paid political operatives to invade and subvert their movements.  They must join together and force the changes this country truly needs while casting into the dust bin of history the traditional political parties who together have destroyed what we all value most… a strong nation with a prosperous economy and a secure future.

by Ron Chapman


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