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Fox News Caught In Hen House With Occupy Wall Street

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Occupy Wall Streetthe twists and turns of the story of the impressive perseverance and expansion of the nationwide occupy wall street movement continues, even as our day-to-day lives move forward; even as those of us with jobs go about our jobs; even as the corporate media continues to downplay or attack the movement; even as the neocon meat-puppets respond with apoplexy and vitriol over this force that they cannot control or comprehend. 

take fox news, for a prime example. after peppering their coverage with anti-occupy wall street stories for days, and even refusing to air other stories that blew up in their faces (search youtube for the jesse lagraca interview that fox never showed, but others with cameras did…or just see it at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yrt-0xbrn4&feature=player_embedded#!  ), fox then figured that the time was right to take a fox news viewers poll. 

the results have been stunning: as of the writing of this column, when asked by fox “do occupy wall street protests represent your views of the economy?” 67% of poll respondents said “yes”, and only 29.5 % said “no”. these totals reflected the views of 173,000 poll participants. at fox news. not cnn, not cbs, not the new york times, but fox news.

 i’m pretty sure these poll results will occupy fox news honchos as they try to figure out, “where did we go left?” 

on the local occupy nola front, a shout out and a callout are appropriate.

shoutout to hizzonner mayor mitch landrieu, for having the decency and grace to cross the street Friday to visit briefly with movement members occupying space at duncan plaza across from city hall.

he didn’t go there leading a phalanx of law enforcement or with some withering demand for their removal. he just wanted to see how they were doing. no big staged media event, no calling out the press, just crossed the street and started talking to a few of them, as you can see by the brief video posted on youtube by occupy nola supporters who were present for the exchange. the video is accessible at the bottom of this article, or at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4So3cw2DiiM&feature=channel_video_title 

“ so, how’d the march go yesterday?” the mayor asked. when told that there was a good turnout and lots of energy he replied “well, i’m glad to know you’re doing well, just wanted to say hi.” the campers thanked him for coming by. 

and, our local daily paper covered the exchange by belittling the members of the movement as “malcontents”, not offering a link to the video on which their story was based, and trivializing the size of the nationwide movement as a group staging protests in “several cities”. 

several, huh? 

let’s see, i count about 120 locations across the united states to date, verified by media in one form or another. these groups have, and are, staging events that thus far have engaged hundreds of citizens in some cities, thousands at a time in others; not to mention locations in europe and australia.

hell, i count 22 separate occupy wall street affiliated locations just in the states where the southeastern conference will play sports in 2012. 

i guess we’ll just differ on what constitutes “several”, and leave it to you, dear readers, to sort out who’s right and what’s left.

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Sidney Arroyo

Sidney Arroyo is a progressive political activist and consultant who has worked on numerous campaigns in the New Orleans area.

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