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Hodge Claims Donelon Has Received Almost 1M From Insurance Industry

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The Donald Hodge campaign is claiming that the Louisiana Department of Insurance is Not For Sale.

The Donald Hodge for Insurance Commissioner Campaign released an Excel Spreadsheet in order to inform Louisiana voters how much money from insurance industry companies have poured into the coffers of Commissioner Jim Donelon since 2006. With the filing of the latest Candidate Finance Report on October 12, 2011, Commissioner Donelon is on the verge of surpassing the $1 million mark in insurance industry contributions.

 “It is no longer a secret that the insurance industry has bought and paid for a Commissioner of Insurance in Mr. Donelon. The return on investment has been truly remarkable as well in the form of the highest insurance rate approvals in the nation while at the same time dropping wind and hail coverage for many in our coastal regions. When one combines this with the fact that private insurance received the biggest windfall in terms of lower risk with the onset of Citizen's Insurance, it is no surprise the insurance industry wants to continue with their complete monopoly at the Department of Insurance," said Hodge.

Finally, Hodge reminded voters of the importance of this position to their lives, the affect it has on economic development and the cost it has to local and state government insurance rates. " I hope all Louisianians realize that of all the elections on the ballot, this is the one that has the largest impact on their pocketbook directly. The governor can't raise taxes without the passage of a law in the legislature, but the Commissioner of Insurance can double your rates with the stroke of a pen," proclaimed Hodge.

However, will this later shot by the challenger be enough to overcome his opponent, the incumbent Jim Donelon?  On its website, the Donelon campaign lists the following as endorsers of its campaign:

Public Endorsements

Governor Bobby Jindal

Louisiana Sheriff's Association

Indepedent Insurance Agents Brokers of Louisiana

Tea Party of Louisiana

Regular Democratic Organization

East Baton Rouge Parish Executive Committee

Jefferson Parish Republican Parish Executive Committee

Orleans Parish Republican Parish Executive Committee

Rapides Parish Republican Parish Executive Committee

Also, the webite also states the following: 

"I have maintained a fair approach to insurance regulation, working tirelessly to protect consumers while providing a level playing field for the insurance companies doing business in our state. The result is a stable environment for increased competition, benefiting consumers with more choices and lower rates."


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