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Tea Party For Sale, US Presidential Campaigns Home On Domains

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domain-nameThe Tea Party is for sale. 

Not Tea Party nation or even the Louisiana Tea Party, but the Tea Party.

Well, kind of, as it is actually a domain name which has been owned by a Canadian rock band formed in the 1990’s and which has received offers after offers by interested buyers until they days ago opted to list the domain with

 While the name is “hot”, it is debatable that it could fetch the money that harnessed when it sold for $13 million. 

How are elections campaigns protecting themselves as more campaigns move into cyberspace?

Obama’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee reported spending a combined $8,065 at this year, and Romney’s campaign reported spending $12,097 on domains. (Of that, Romney’s campaign spent $9,061 buying domains previously owned by his Free & Strong America PAC, since the names cannot be transferred.) Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, reported spending $208 with companies that sell domains, and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who dropped out of the race in August, reported spending $668. 

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are getting into the domain name business

Some ideas as to how to sell domain names?

Here is one from Elliotsblog

Last weekend, I thought of a proposal that would bridge the gap and make a deal palatable for both parties. The buyer would pay his final offer price to me to buy the domain name, and his company would donate the difference between what I was asking and the sales price to a non profit organization.

In this situation, I got an acceptable price for the domain name and was able to help one of my favorite non profit organizations. The buyer is getting an exact match domain name for his business at the price he wants, and he can make a charitable donation to a worthy cause. It’s a win/win/win.

Pretty creative?

Write us and tell us about some of the creative ways you are using to buy or sell domain names

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