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Tea Party Occupy Wall Street and Gotcha Politics: America 2011

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            America  The 2012 Presidential Election will be held on Tuesday, November 6th.  That is nearly a year from now and candidates have been campaigning for the past six months… at least.  That translates into 18months of campaigning for a forty-eight month job.  Something has to be done because it seems that the “campaign season” gets longer every four years and voters grow tired. More time is spent campaigning than governing, which might explain why government is held in contempt by most Americans.

 This coming election will be historic.  President Obama should be a shoe-in, but so should have George Bush I back in 1992.  The fact remains that Obama promised “Hope and Change” as well as an end to partisanship in politics.  These messages resonated with the electorate.  That is why he won so handily in 2008.


However, Obama mistakenly handed the agenda over the Democratic Party’s intellectually bankrupt liberals who merely regurgitated their broken ideas of the 1970s and rammed their agenda down the throats of Americans.  That explains why his “Strong Support” has collapsed to between 19% and 21%.  It wasn’t the promised “change” but a return to past mistakes. One would think that would make him extremely vulnerable.


Despite his plummeting popularity, he nevertheless remains practically tied with any Republican candidate who opposes him.  That is because Republicans have totally failed to engage the imagination of American voters.   The vast majority of voters, that great middle, no more wish a return to the misguided Bush years than they can endure another four years under Obama.  They thrash about seeking an alternative.


The Republican debates only serve to convince Americans that hopes for the future are dim.  There is little interest in any of the “politicians” running for President here. They bicker and fight, but say little of consequence.   Herman Cain has attracted attention because of his successful business background and lack of political contamination.  But that can be a negative as well.  He has limited knowledge of foreign policy…perhaps the most important component of any President’s repertoire.  


This sense of hopelessness explains the outbursts of “The Tea Party” and “Occupy Wall Street” movements.  Both groups are spontaneous actions reflecting the anger, frustration, cynicism, and desperation that so plagues this nation.


The older generation sees their savings savaged as interest rates collapse, pension funds are threatened, vast amounts of money printed, and many are forced to find meaningless part-time jobs to meet the essentials of life…if anyone will even hire them at their age.  Most distasteful of all, they also see this once great nation humiliated internationally and humbled by former foes.


The young have taken to the streets because they want to participate in the great American Dream, but it has dissolved before them like fog in morning light.  They dedicated themselves to college studies and now face burdensome student loans with few opportunities for a career that can pay them off and offer any quality of life. They justifiably feel betrayed and demand an accounting.


The stage is set for some serious social discontent unless something can be done to defuse the growing crisis. In the meantime, our leaders in Washington argue engaged in petty arguments wholly distracted from the real problems that plague Americans.


Gotcha politics and demagogy have replaced contemplative cooperative leadership as each party seeks to divide Americans into separate camps hoping to gain enough support to take control.  These efforts leave behind a scorched landscape and not a unified nation capable of meeting the challenges of the future. 


There is cause to worry!

by Ron Chapman

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