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New Orleans Halloween French Quarter Shooting Poll: Stopping Violence

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gunAfter a harrowing Halloween Night in New Orleans in which shootings and killings screamed out in the night making national news displaying more moments of madness, questions once again.  How do we stop this senseless killing, the bleeding of this city, one especially so dependent upon tourism? 

 And again, the debate continues-- How do we protect tourists, visitors and even natives from violent crimes?   How do we reduce the sense of panic or fear gripping those who are considering traveling to this destination jewel?

It is true that killings can occur on streets outside of New Orleans’s most signature venues. Shootings occur on St. Charles Avenue.  They take place in East New Orleans.  You read about them happening in Gert Town, in the Garden District, and in the Irish Channel.  No street or corner is safe from a bullet fired from a gun pulled by the trigger finger of an angry young man.  

Although Mayor Mitch Landrieu, in responding to these horrific incidents seemed to imply on Tuesday   that these acts of senseless violence occur in cities all across the nation, so let’s not target New Orleans as the only community frock with this type of tragedy and risks, his words do not soothe the French Quarter shop keepers and those wanting to enjoy the beauty and treasures of the Quarter.

Ever since Tuesday morning when I first learned of the Halloween Horrors, I have heard and read suggestions from the frustrated looking for solutions to answers to fix the engine that drives the city’s fragile economy.   

I heard one suggestion that Louisiana and New Orleans should prohibit the carrying of concealed weapons in the French Quarter.  Somehow, I am not sure that will go over big with the NRA and our Red State’s legislators.

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Another idea would be a curfew for those under 21.  Even another is to fire the police chief Ronal Serpas;  Some want to beef up the police presence whether by local, state or federal police forces regardless of the costs and loss of control of the city to others.  One person even recommended on Jeff Crouere’s Talk Radio show on WGSO that we bring back General Russell Honore, a hero of Katrina.

There are many ideas, some good and others perhaps bad or unworkable.

So, here is a new Bayoubuzz Poll.  Tell us which  idea raised by others makes the most sense to you, if any.  If you wish to comment on these ideas are even raise some yourself, please discuss below.

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