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Cain, Perry Media Frenzies Show Bias By The Gored

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bimbo-pizza2This past week, there have been two major media frenzies.

The first has focused upon the alleged sexual harassment charges made against Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain, who has spent much time lately denying the claims.


Without opining on the merits of any of the claims, I find it interesting to compare those denials with those from another scandal.

Interestingly, many who defended Clinton regarding the Lewinsky scandal are in the front of the lines attacking Cain.  Not surprisingly, many of those who were leading the accusing charges are now angry that allegations are even being made against Cain.

The other frenzy, of course, focuses upon the most publicized “oops” in American Presidential Politics in recent history.

Rick Perry might not have a career as our next U.S. President, in part because of his major mental lapse which appears to have torpedoed his already drowning campaign.

However, many of those who are laughing endlessly at Perry’s gaffe have been totally quiet about one of the most public blunders in television history--one which has, by comparison, received very little media attention.

Which says volumes about the relevance of that old expression  that “it depends upon whose ox is being GOREd”

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